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A Yo-kai Ark (Japanese: 妖怪アーク Yōkai Āku) is a small, key-shaped item used to summon Yo-kai from the Yo-kai Watch Elder. They are said to be the successor of Yo-kai Medals, featuring Lightside and Shadowside Yo-kai on both sides.

Rare versions with different colors also exist. The levels of rarity that range from common, to extremely rare, are Normal, Rare, Extreme Rare, Super Extreme Rare, and Ultimate Rare.[1]

Most of the Normal Arks have a clear color and a regular holo foil, while Rare Arks have a clear color and a glittering holo foil, and Extreme Rare Arks have the colors of their tribes, as well as glittering holo foil.

There are also Shining Arks that are equal to Super Extreme Rare ones, and Gold Arks that are equal to Extreme Rare ones.

In the Yo-kai Ark 0 pack, there also are Yo-kai Arks that have a Lightside form, but also a Godside form, for use with the Yo-kai Watch Elder Jin parts, that can be found in the DX Yo-kai Watch Elder Zero & Jin Power-up Kit. These are of a white base colour, with a rainbow holo for the Godside forms.


Yo-kai Watch Shadowside Oni-o no Fukkatsu

Natsume holding Yo-kai Arks.

Yo-kai Arks represent the feelings that connect Yo-kai and humans. Just like Yo-kai Medals, they are given to select people once they fulfill a specific Yo-kai's needs.

Yo-kai can be summoned via the Yo-kai Watch Elder by putting the Ark into the keyhole, and saying the summoning chant while the Yo-kai appears in sight.

It was originally thought that the Arks were successors to the medals, however, due to their inclusion in Forever Friends and Yo-kai Watch!, they may have existed in the past as well.

List of Arks

Main article: List of Yo-kai Ark Sets (Asian)

Shadowside Arks

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside Ark Type
Whisper 2040 Whisper2040Ark (L) Whisper2040Ark (S) Normal
Whisper 2040, Junior & Fudou Myouou Boy Whisper2040 & Junior Ark (L) Whisper2040 & Junior Ark (S) Extreme Rare


JibanyanArk-Lightside JibanyanArk-Shadowside Rare
Mafura Jibanyan Mafura Jibanyan Ark (L) Mafura Jibanyan Ark (S) Extreme Rare
Komasan KomasanArk-Lightside KomasanArk-Shadowside Rare
Koumou no Komasan


Koumou no Komasan Koumou no Komasan-Shadow Extreme Rare
Komajiro Komajiro Ark (L) Komajiro Ark (S) Normal
Komasan & Komajiro Komasan & Komajiro Ark (L) Komasan & Komajiro Ark (S) Extreme Rare
Himoji Hungramps HungrampsSS Normal
Fubuki-hime BlizzariaArk-Light BlizzariaArk-Shadow Rare
Sekka no Fubuki-hime


Sekka no Fubuki-hime Ark (L) Sekka no Fubuki-hime Ark (S) Extreme Rare
Hyakki-hime HyakkihimeArk DamonaArk (S) Rare
Hyakki-hime (Extreme Rare) HyakkihimeArk Exreme (L) HyakkihimeArk Exreme (S) Extreme Rare
Kyubi KyubiArk-Light KyubiArk-Shadow Rare
Kyubi (Extreme Rare) Kyubi (Extreme Rare) (L) Kyubi (Extreme Rare) (S) Extreme Rare
Kosen Kyubi


Kosen Kyubi Kosen Kyubi SM Extreme Rare
Inugami InugamiArk InugamiArk(S) Rare
Inugami (Extreme Rare) FrostailArk (Extreme Rare) (L) FrostailArk (Extreme Rare) (S) Extreme Rare
Orochi VenoctLS VenoctSS Rare
Orochi (Extreme Rare) ExtremeRareOrochi LightArk ExtremeRareOrochi ShadowArk Extreme Rare
Kage Orochi KageOrochiArk KageOrochiArk(S) Rare
Kage Orochi (Extreme Rare) Shadow Venoct (Extreme Rare) (L) Shadow Venoct (Extreme Rare) (S) Extreme Rare
Micchy/Mitsumata Nozuchi MicchyLS Slimamander Rare
Hyper Micchy/Mitsumata Ghidorah Hyper Micchy Mitsumata Ghidorah (Hyper Micchy) Extreme Rare
Merameraion BlazionLS BlazionSS Rare
Sakigake Merameraion


Sakigake Merameraion Ark (L) Sakigake Merameraion Ark (S) Extreme Rare
Rai Oton Papa Bolt Ark (L) Papa Bolt Ark (S) Normal
Todoroki Rai Oton TodorokiRaiOtonArk TodorokiRaiOtonArk(S) Extreme Rare
Seiryuu Azure Dragon Azure DragonSS Rare
Tsuchigumo Arachnus Ark (L) Arachnus Ark (S) Rare
Ogama Toadal Dude Ark (L) Toadal Dude Ark (S) Rare
Tsuchinoko Noko Ark (L) Noko Ark (S) Rare
Tsuchinoko (Extreme Rare) Noko Ark (Extreme Rare) (L) Noko (Extreme Rare) (S) Extreme Rare
Wakame-kun Wakame-kunArk Wakame-kunArk(S) Normal
Konbu-san Konbu-sanArk Konbu-sanArk(S) Normal
Mekabu-chan Mekabu-chanArk Mekabu-chanArk(S) Normal
Bushinyan Shogunyan Ark (L) Shogunyan Ark (S) Super Extreme Rare (Legendary)
Bushinyan (Ultimate Rare) Shogunyan (Ultimate Rare) (L) Shogunyan (Ultimate Rare) (S) Ultimate Rare (Legendary)
Unchikuma UnchikumaArk UnchikumaArk(S) Super Extreme Rare (Legendary)
Shurakoma ShurakomaArk ShurakomaArk(S) Super Extreme Rare (Legendary)
Yamabuki Oni Yamabuki Ark (L) Yamabuki Ark (S) Super Extreme Rare (Legendary)
Hovernyan Hovernyan Ark (Daikichi) (L) Hovernyan Ark (Daikichi) (S) Daikichi (Lucky)
Dianyan/The Gemnyans DianyanArk GemnyansArk Daikichi (Crystal)
Melonyan/The Fruitnyans Melonyan Ark Frutinyans Ark Daikichi (Crystal)
Jaou Kaira Kaira KairaSS Super Extreme Rare (Shining)
Shutendoji Thurston ThurstonSS Super Extreme Rare (Shining)
Douketsu Douketsu DouketsuSS Rare
Douketsu Douketsu Ark (L) Douketsu Ark (S) Extreme Rare
DouketsuShutendoji Douketsu & ShutendojiArk (L) Douketsu & ShutendojiArk (S) Extreme Rare (Stray)
Bancho/Bourei Banchou BanchoArk-Light Bourei BanchouArk-Shadow Normal
Charlie/Ghostcycle CharlieArk-Light Ghostcycle (Charlie)Ark-Shadow Normal
Junior Junior JuniorUnknownShadow Rare
Junior/Burning Dragon Junior (Extreme Rare) Burning Dragon (Junior) Extreme Rare
Junior/Blizzard Wolf JuniorArk (Chocobars) (L) JuniorArk (Extreme Rare 2) (S) Extreme Rare
Junior & Fudou Myouou Boy JuniorFudouArk JuniorFudouArk Extreme Rare (Stray)
Zundoumaru/Shiryou no Dokudoku-nabe Zundoumaru Ark (L) Shiryou no Dokudoku-nabe Ark (S) Normal
Jinta/Jingeki Jinta Jingeki (Jinta) Normal
Lucky/Dogman LuckyArk-Light Dogman (Lucky) Normal
Pakkun/Gaburiel Pakkun Gaburiel (Pakkun) Normal
Robonyan 00 Robonyan 00 Robonyan 00SS Normal
Honmaguro-taishou/Magulodon Honmaguro-taishouArk-Light Magulodon (Honmaguro-taishou)Ark-Shadow Normal
Mushbarber/Kirisaki Joker MushbarberArk-Light Kirisaki Joker (Mushbarber)Ark-Shadow Normal
Atsushi Kamamoto/Kamadouma AtsushiKamamotoArk KamadoumaArk Normal
Ikarin/Gesodrill Ikarin Ark (L) Gesodrill Ark (S) Normal
Inari/Tatarigitsune Inari Tatarigitsune (Inari) Normal
Shibumenken/Menkueater Shibumenken Ark (L) Menkueater Ark (S) Normal
Semicolon/Semilong Semicolon Semilong (Semicolon) Normal
Filmlin/Eigalien Filmlin Ark (L) Eigalien Ark (S) Normal
Ogu, Togu & Mogu Ogu, Togu & Mogu Ogu, Togu & MoguSS Extreme Rare
Leon/Dr. Chameleon Leon Ark (L) Dr. Chameleon Ark (S) Normal
Hana-chan/Ohana-san Hana-chanArk Ohana-sanArk Normal
Sebas-chan/Sebas-san Sebas-chanArk Sebas-sanArk Normal
Jii-tan/Satan Claus Jii-tanArk SatanClausArk Rare
Anzen-bouya/Nitanita-san Anzen-bouya Ark Nitanita-sanArk (S) Normal
Momy/ Momy Ark Hitotsuri Momi-no-kiArk (S) Normal
Chokichi/Yamikichi Chokichi Ark YamikichiArk (S) Normal
Umataro/Umazura Umataro Ark Umazura Ark Normal
Shield of Brightness/Darkness ShieldofBrightness Ark Darkmess Ark Rare
Usakichi/Bunny Trap Usakichi Ark Bunny Trap Ark Normal
Chiyoko/Jogora Chiyoko Ark Jogora Ark Normal


Nekomata NekomataSS Extreme Rare (Gold)
Nekomata Nekomata NekomataArk2 (S) Extreme Rare (Gold)
Nekomata/Kaibyou Kamaitachi Nekomata Ark (Extreme Rare) (L) Nekomata Ark (Extreme Rare) (S) Extreme Rare (???)
Nekomata & Junior NekomataAndJuniorArc Daikichi (Lucky)
NekomataLord Enma


Nekomata & Lord Enma Ark (L) Nekomata & Lord Enma Ark (S) Daikichi (Lucky)
Kappa Kappa KappaUnknownShadow Extreme Rare (Gold)
Kappa Kappa KappaArk2 (S) Extreme Rare (Gold)
Zashiki-warashi Gnomey Ark (L) Gnomey Ark (S) Extreme Rare (Gold)
Zashiki-warashi Gnomey Ark (L) GnomeyArk2 (S) Extreme Rare (Gold)
Suu-san Suu-san Suu-sanSS Extreme Rare (Gold)
Suu-san Suu-san Suu-sanArk2 (S) Extreme Rare (Gold)
Ryuutou Benibana/Ryuutou Rasetsu


RyuutouKoukaArk RyuutouRasetsuArk Extreme Rare (Ryuutou)
Yasha Enma Benibana Yasha Enma Benibana Ark (L) Yasha Enma Benibana (S) Extreme Rare
Yasha Enma Rasetsu Yasha Enma Rasetsu Ark (L) Yasha Enma Rasetsu Ark (S) Extreme Rare
Yasha Enma Yasha EnmaArk (Shining) (L) Yasha EnmaArk (Shining) (S)-0 Super Extreme Rare (Shining)
Shien Shien Ark (L) Shien Ark (S) Extreme Rare
Kukuri-hime Kukuri-hime Ark (L) Kukuri-hime Ark (S) Rare
Karasu Tengu Karasu Tengu Ark (L) Karasu Tengu Ark (S) Rare
Karasu Tengu Karasu TenguArk (Stray) (L) Karasu TenguArk (Stray) (S) Rare (Stray)
Yamata no Orochi Yamata no Orochi Ark (L) Yamata no Orochi Ark (S) Normal
Tamamo/Tamamo no Mae Tamamo Ark (L) Tamamo no Mae Ark (S) Normal
Yamambaa/Yamamba Yamambaa Ark (L) Yamamba Ark (S) Normal
Kuro Oni Orcanos Ark (L) Orcanos Ark (S) Extreme Rare
Kuro Oni Orcanos Ark (Super Extreme Rare) (L) Orcanos Ark (Stray) (S) Extreme Rare (Stray)
Lord Enma Lord EnmaArk (Shining) (L) Lord EnmaArk (Shining) (S) Super Extreme Rare (Shining)
Enma Daiou EnmaDaiou Ark (L) EnmaDaiou Ark (S) Super Extreme Rare (Shining)
Ancient Enma Ancient EnmaArk (L) Ancient EnmaArk (S) Super Extreme Rare (Shining)
Zazel ZazelArk (L) ZazelArk (S) Extreme Rare
Nurarihyon Nurarihyon Ark (L) Nurarihyon Ark (S) Super Extreme Rare (Shining)
Shutendoji (Shadowside) ShutendojiArk2 (L) ShutendojiArk2 (S) Extreme Rare

Godside Arks

Yo-kai Lightside Godside Ark Type
Nekomata/Neko'ou Bastet Nekomata Ark (Ultimate Rare) (L) Neko-ou Bastet Ark (G) Ultimate Rare
Kappa/Kappaou Sagojou Kappa Ark (Ultimate Rare) (L) Kappaou Sagojou Ark (G) Ultimate Rare
Zashiki-warashi/Tenguou Kurama Gnomey Ark (Ultimate Rare) (L) Tenguou Kurama Ark (G) Ultimate Rare
Suu-san/Gunshin Susanoo


Amenomurakumolightside AmenomurakumoArk Ultimate Rare
Yamambaa/Gesshin YamambaaArk (Ultimate Rare) (L) Gesshin TsukuyomiArk (S) Ultimate Rare

Onechanside Arks

Yo-kai Lightside Onechanside Ark Type
Hovernyan Cao Cao HovernyanCaoCaoArk (L) HovernyanCaoCaoArk (S) Super Extreme Rare (Shining)
Komasans Komasans Ark (L) Komasans Ark (S) Extreme Rare (Crystal)
Whisper Kongming WhisperKongmingArk (L) WhisperKongmingArk (S) Extreme Rare
Jibanyan/Sakuranyan JibanyanExtremeRareArk Sakuranyan Ark Extreme Rare (Miracle)
Robonyan F & Keita F-gata RobonyanF Ark KeitaF-getaArk Extreme Rare (Miracle)
Venoct/Venoct Zhou Yu VenoctExtremeRare Ark VenoctZhouYuArk Extreme Rare (Miracle)
Jibanyan (Extreme Rare) JibanyanExtremeRare Ark (L) JibanyanExtremeRare Ark (S) Extreme Rare (Miracle)
Jibanyan Jibanyan Ark (L) Jibanyan Ark (S) Rare
Signiton SignitonArk (L) SignitonArk (S) Rare
Bloominoko BloominokoArk (L) BloominokoArk (S) Rare
Venoct VenoctArk (L) VenoctArk (S) Rare
Kyubi Kyubi Ark (L) Kyubi Ark (S) Rare
Siro SiroArk (L) SiroArk (S) Rare
Manjimutt ManjimuttArk (L) ManjimuttArk (S) Normal
Hidabat HidabatArk (L) HidabatArk (S) Normal
Shakey ShakeyArk (L) ShakeyArk (S) Normal
Wazzat WazzatArk (L) WazzatArk (S) Normal
Supoor Hero SupoorHeroArk (L) SupoorHeroArk (S) Normal
Casanono CasanonoArk (L) CasanonoArk (S) Normal
Stircrazy Stu StircrazyStuArk (L) StircrazyStuArk (S) Normal
Snobetty SnobettyArk (L) SnobettyArk (S) Normal


Type Box Packet/Toy Release date Ark No.
Yo-kai Ark 1st - Open! First Door Yo-kai Ark 1st - Hiragame! First Door Box Yo-kai Ark 1st - Hiragame! First Door JPJuly 14, 2018
1 Yo-kai Ark per single, 10 random Yo-kai Arks in a single pack.

14 (+1 Gold) different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

1 Gold

3 Extreme Rare

5 Rare

6 Normal

Yo-kai Ark 2nd - Shine! Debut of the Shining Yokai Arks!! Yo-kai Ark 2nd (Box) Yo-kaiArk2nd DebutOfTheShiningArks JPSeptember 15, 2018
1 Yo-kai Ark per single, 10 random Yo-kai Arks in a single pack.

14 (+1 Secret) different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

2 Super Extreme Rare (2 of which are Shining)

2 Extreme Rare (1 of which is Gold)

5 Rare

5 Normal

Yo-kai Ark 3rd - Obtain them! Legendary Yo-kai! Yo-kai Ark 3rd - BOX Yo-kai Ark 3rd - Obtain them! Legendary Yo-kai! Packet JPNovember 17, 2018
1 Yo-kai Ark per single, 10 random Yo-kai Arks in a single pack.

14 (+2 Secret) different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

1 Super Extreme Rare (Legendary)

3 Extreme Rare (1 of which is Gold)

3 Rare

7 Normal

DX Enma Rod DXEnmaRod JPNovember 23, 2018
The set also includes a special, Ryuutou Rasetsu, Yo-kai Ark that can be used with the toy.
Yo-kai Ark Zero - The Other Side of the Silver Screen Yo-kai Ark Zero Box Yo-kai Ark Zero Packet JPDecember 8, 2018

1 Yo-kai Ark per single, 10 random Yo-kai Arks in a single pack.

12 (+1 Secret) different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

3 Ultimate Rare

4 Extreme Rare

2 Rare

3 Normal

Yo-kai Ark 4th - Door to the Unknown ArkSeries4Box ArkSeries4Packet JPJanuary 19, 2019
1 Yo-kai Ark per single, 10 random Yo-kai Arks in a single pack.

14 (+2 Secret) different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

2 Super Rare

3 Extreme Rare

3 Rare

6 Normal

Yo-kai Ark Zero - Sun and Moon God ZeroSunMoonGodBox ZeroSunMoonGodPacket JPJanuary 19, 2019

Exclusive to World Hobby Fair 2019

1 Yo-kai Ark per single, 10 random Yo-kai Arks in a single pack.

12 different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

2 Ultimate Rare

8 Extreme Rare

Yo-kai Ark 5th -Strongest Yo-kai Appear !! YKA5BOX YKA5Pak JPFebruary 23, 2019

1 Yo-kai Ark per single, 10 random Yo-kai Arks in a single pack.

14 (+2 Secret) different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

3 Super Extreme Rare

2 Extreme Rare

3 Rare

6 Normal

Yo-kai Ark K 1 - A Wobble Miracle! Yo-kaiArksK1 JPMarch 30, 2019

20 (+1 Secret) different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

1 Super Extreme Rare

5 Extreme Rare

6 Rare

8 Normal

Yo-kai Ark K 2 - Goku Yo-kai War! 2019

20 (+1 Secret) different Yo-kai Arks to collect.

4 Super Extreme Rare

3 Extreme Rare

7 Rare

6 Normal

Yo-kai Ark Series 01 - Youma-Ichi Budo-kai Kyoku Orochi 2019

1 Ultimate Rare

1 ???



Jibanyan's Ark with the Charming heart insignia.

  • In early portrayals of the Arks, including their debut in the 4th movie, they had the insignias of the old Yo-kai tribes. These were later replaced by the symbols of the Shadowside tribes.

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