Yo-kai Heroes (Japanese: 妖怪HERO(ヒーロー) Yōkai Hīrō) are humans possessed by Onryo introduced in the Yo-kai Watch Jam series, notably the 6th movie and the TV series.


They can be summoned by putting in the Y Medal of the Yo-kai Hero when their respective Onryo are around. The YSP Watch is turned anti-clockwise while the summoning jingle plays and transforms the bearer into the hero itself, giving them strength to fight enemies.

Each Yo-kai Hero has a specific power that can be altered by putting in different kinds of Command Y Medals, giving the hero a unique ability.

List of Yo-kai Heroes

Yo-kai Heroes (Japanese: 妖怪HERO (ヒーロー) Yōkai Hīrō) Appearance Watcher Onryo Y Medal
Kengo Benimaru KengouBenimaruART Jinpei Jiba Bakera BenimaruMedal
Wild Boy Wild Boy Jinpei Jiba Goromi WildBoyMedal
Little Commander Little Commander Komasan (Human) Komadillo LilComMedal
Shishi Ou Shishi Ou Blazion (Human) Kazuma Shishiguro ShishiOuMedal
Ninetail Ninetail Ryusuke Kyubi Izuna NinetailsMedal
Clock Lady Clock Lady Blizzaria (Human) Broken Clock ClockLadyMedal
Mist Shadow Mist Shadow Ranto Kirigakure



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