Yo-kai Medallium

The first and iconic Yo-kai Medallium.

The Yo-kai Medallium (Japanese: 妖怪大辞典 Yōkai Dai-jiten) is a coin collecting book-like object that those with a Yo-kai Watch can place the Yo-kai Medals they obtained from the Yo-kai they have befriended.


In the games, the Yo-kai Medallium can be found in the player's room, on a rug near the bed, where it can function much like an Eyepo, allowing the player to switch out their Yo-kai Medals they have on hand.

The Medallium can be viewed in the Info tab in the Main Menu. It allows players to look at the bios of the Yo-kai they have befriended, as well as see the Yo-kai they have yet to befriend.

The next pages after the collectible Yo-kai are the Boss Yo-kai pages, which shows the Boss Yo-kai you have encountered and/or defeated. Players obtain these Yo-kai's bio by beating them.
The last pages of the Yo-kai Medallium are known as the Legend Pages (Japanese: レジェンドページ Rejendo Pēji). These pages feature seals that require 8 specific Yo-kai Medals in order to break them. Once all of the Medals required for that particular seal are obtained, the player is then rewarded with unlocking a Legendary Yo-kai after interacting with the fully-weakened seal.


In EP004, Whisper hands out the Yo-kai Medallium to Nathan Adams while the two are ordered/intimidated by Nate's mom Lily Adams to clean his room when Nate, unsure where to place his collected Yo-kai Medals, placed them into a desk drawer, much to Whisper's horror.

The Yo-kai Medallium is also featured in Recap Time.

How to obtain

  • YW1: After defeating Buhu with Cadin and obtained Buhu's Medal.
  • YW2: After defeating Brushido and obtained his Medal.
  • YW3: After defeating Cornfused.

In Real Life

Just like the Yo-kai Watch and Medals, the Medallium has been made into real life merchandise.


Medallium Release details
JapaneseMedalliumRed Released at Spring 2014 in Japan with a Yo-kai Medal of Noko (Kyubi in the West).
JapaneseMedalliumBlue Released on March 22, 2014 in Japan with a Yo-kai Medal of Goldenyan (Orcanos in the West).
JapaneseMedalliumYellow Released around Autumn 2014 in Japan with a Z Medal of Komasan.
JapaneseMedalliumSong Released on October 17, 2015 in Japan with a Song Medal of Usapyon.
JapaneseMedalliumBlastersRed Released around November 7, 2015 in Japan with a B Medal of Mass Mutterer.
JapaneseMedalliumMysteryFile Released on July 30, 2016 in Japan with a Merican Medal of Miss Terry.
JapaneseMedalliumNuMagazine Released around January 14, 2015 in Japan with a U Medal of Fukurokuju.

South Korea

Regular Medalliums

Medallium Release details

Zero/Classic Medalliums

Medallium Release details

U Medalliums

Medallium Release details

Dream Medalliums

Medallium Release details

North America & Europe



  • In the first game, Gilgaros' Legend Page is the fifth/final one. This is moved to its correct spot as the third Legend Page in the second game.

In other languages

  • Italian: Medaglium Yo-kai
  • Portuguese(Brazil): Medalhão Yo-kai
  • German: Yo-kai Medallium

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