A Yo-kai Medal (Japanese: 妖怪メダル Yōkai Medaru) is a small coin-like disc used with the Yo-kai Watch to summon Yo-kai. They are featured in the video games and the anime, in which are given to the protagonists by Yo-kai as a sign of their friendship and stored in the Yo-kai Medallium.

There have been known to be many kinds of Yo-kai Medals that come in many different types and colors. One example are Z Medals, which are reserved for normal Yo-kai like Houzzat and Herbiboy and special Yo-kai like the Wicked Executives and the Onis that appear during Terror Time.

Yo-kai Medals also exist in real life, in the form of a collector's item. They have been known to be a big selling point for the franchise and has expanded onto other international territories.

Yo-kai have several Medals as seen when Jerry is able to get a Medal from a Yo-kai Nate already befriended.

There are 1,758 Medals in Total.


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It is known that almost every Yo-kai is known to hold a Medal, most notably in the anime. Whenever Nate finds a Yo-kai he hasn't seen before, he usually does certain deeds to get a Medal from them.

Yo-kai are known to store Medals in various places before they are given to the bearer of the Yo-kai Watch. For example, Jibanyan's Medal is stored in his harmaki, while other Yo-kai like Tattletell are stored in various places. Medals are usually given to the Yo-kai Watch holder itself, rather than just being left behind so they can summon the Yo-kai at any time.

In the second movie, Yo-kai Medals are made for the Yo-kai to hold. When Yo-kai are created or died from humans in certain circumstances, they get their picture taken by a camera Yo-kai which shows up on their Medal. They are known to come in multiple copies.

Medal Types

Normal Medals


Jibanyan's regular Yo-kai Medal.

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Normal Medals

Normal Medals, (or also known as grey medals) is the first known type of Yo-kai Medal to be seen. They work with all of the normal Yo-kai Watches, except for the Model Zero and regularly summons a Yo-kai.

Z Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Z Medals
Jibanyan (Victory)

Jibanyan's Victory Soultimate Medal.

Z Medals are the second variation of Yo-kai Medals, and contains Yo-kai that aren't found normally. Some Medal types are compatible with the Model Zero watch, while some are only compatible with the Model U Watch.

Classic Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Classic Medals
Faux Kappa-ClassicMedal-JP

Faux Kappa's Medal.

Classic Medals are known to be the oldest varation of Yo-kai Medals, and does not work on the original Yo-kai Watch. All of them contain Classic Yo-kai, which are said to be scarce.

Medals of Classic Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2 only work on the Model Zero and the Model U Watch, merchandise-wise.

U Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/U Medals

U Medals are green Yo-kai Medals with U's on them from some Yo-kai who debuted in Yo-kai Watch 3 and are used with the Yo-kai Watch U.

'Merican Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/'Merican Medals

'Merican Medals are vibrant-red Yo-kai Medals from Merican Yo-kai and are used with the Yo-kai Watch U.

B Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/B Medals

B Medals are black (except for the Legendaries), with their artwork featuring their Yo-kai doing some sort of action, with the name being written in a calligraphic font. Similar to the Z and U Yo-kai Medals, B Medals feature a distinctive marking in the upper right corner of 4 specific kanji, which vary depending on what that Yo-kai's role is as a Buster: Attack for Figthers, Heal for Healers, Odd for Rangers and Protect for Tanks. The kanji, much like the names, are written in a calligraphic font. The role of a Yo-kai as a Buster also influences the inner frame's color: Red for Attackers, Green for Healers, Purple for Rangers, and Dark Blue for Tanks. There are also B Medals that depict Boss Yo-kai. The B Medals that have Boss Yo-kai on them are known as Boss Medals.

Sangokushi Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Sangokushi Medals

E Medals

Song Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Song Medals

Uta Medals (or known as Song Medals) are known to be a special variation of Yo-kai Medals. Unlike other medals, some of them are known to contain multiple Yo-kai and they sing a song while they get summoned.

Dream Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Dream Medals
Jibanyan Dream Medal official artwork

Jibanyan's Dream Medal.

Dream Medals are the third variation of Yo-kai Medals, only compatible with the Yo-kai Watch Dream. They resemble poker chips, and play a roulette song while they're being summoned. Depending on the outcome, a Yo-kai will either win or lose, reflecting their mood on the situation.

Kuroi Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Dark Medals
Black JibanyanDM

Kuroi Medals (or known as Dark Medals) are another special variation out of the Medals. They are known to have come from another dimension, where Yo-kai are a lot more scarier. They only work on the Kuroi Yo-kai Watch or the Yo-kai Watch Dream.

Treasure Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Treasure Medals

Treasure Medals are Yo-kai Medals that taken on the form of treasure coins.

Treasure JibanyanTM

A Bronze-Rank Treasure Medal of Treasure Jibanyan.

Luck Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Luck Medals

Soultimate Medals

Main article: Yo-kai Medals/Soultimate Medals



The Jibanyan and Whisper Medals bundled with the Hasbro-manufactured Yo-kai Watch toy.

In real life, Yo-kai Medals are available as collectable toys. They're either found in blind packs, gasha machines (only in Asia), or bundled with Yo-kai Watch toys. On the back, there is a QR code that can be read in the game to obtain coins that can be used in the Crank-a-kai or special key items that would allow the player to fight certain Yo-kai.

The Yo-kai Watch is also available as a real-life toy, and can be used to insert Yo-kai Medals. If one of them is inserted, the Watch will act if it is summoning a Yo-kai by playing the tribe song and the Yo-kai's name will be said. The Medal can be taken out of the Watch at any time, and can be stored in a real-life Yo-kai Medallium.

Asian Medals

Yo-kai Medals that are sold in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, or English-speaking countries like Singapore and Hong Kong are all manufactured by Bandai. They first came out in Japan around early 2014, when the animated series was making it's debut and when the first set of regular medals were released throughout the year.

They didn't really sell until Yo-kai Watch 2 was released, and caused Bandai to expand the franchise into other Asian countries. Medals were released in South Korea in 2015, with the Japanese names being replaced with several Korean ones.

Ever since the success, Bandai has gone on to reprint the first two sets of Yo-kai Medals, with fan-selected Yo-kai getting holo variants and released two types of Medals in 2016 to coincide with the release of the Yo-kai Watch Model U.

Western Medals

Yo-kai Watch

Yo-kai Watch

A commercial for the Hasbro-manufactered Yo-kai Watch, featuring Yo-kai Medals.

Yo-kai Medals sold in North America, Europe, Oceania and Middle Eastern territories are manufactured by Hasbro. They were released in line with the Yo-kai Watch anime and video game back in Winter 2015, and has grown to expand in other international territories. Unlike Medals released in Asia, those types emit the name of the Yo-kai so it could function nicely with other-language watches.

In Fall 2016, Hasbro released their version of Z Medals, going by the name of "Yo-motion". It allows the Model Zero watch to display holographic animations of the Yo-kai that was being summoned by the watch, after the tribe summoning song was played. In North America, the Yo-motion Medals only lasted for two sets unlike Europe.

In Spring 2018, An upgrade to Yo-motion technology known as "Yo-motion X2" was released only in Europe. It features a version of the U Medals, which are now colored blue likely to distinguish between the green Yo-motion Medals.

Unlike Japanese and Korean Medals, Hasbro-manufactured Medals are not compatible with Japanese watches, nor Asian Medals are compatible with Hasbro-manufactured Medals. This is due to the medals themselves having a different bump pattern at the bottom, as both medal types cannot completely go inside the watch.

Yo-kai Watch Apps


A Jibanyan Medal being scanned in the AR Mode feature for Yo-kai Watch Land.

Main article: Yo-kai Watch Land

To coincide with the release of Hasbro's Yo-kai Watch merchandise, an application for iOS and Android devices called Yo-kai Watch Land was released. On the App, QR codes can be scanned, which would allow to take augmented-reality pictures of Yo-kai and view 3D Wiki entries for them.

Like in the Japanese version, Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble could read Yo-kai Medals direct from the Yo-kai Watch Land app. The more medals that are read, the more the player could exchange them for new titles and profile icons.



A comparison of a Kyryn Medal between a Japanese and Western variant. The scaled-down artwork was heavily criticised by fans.

Hasbro has been known to garner controversy, due to poor stock issues, region-restricted Yo-kai Medals or lack of demand.

In the first game, only Hasbro-produced medals can be scanned via a QR Code, leaving the Gemnyans completely unobtainable for some time without hacking. In 2016, Hasbro released a limited-edition set involving the five Gemnyan Medals, which caused controversy in the fandom due to the high price and limited availability. Later on, the Gemnyan QR Codes were officially distributed on the internet by Hasbro themselves and the second game now accepts QR Codes from their Asian counterpart as Yo-motion Medals share the same ones.

More issues arose when the second season of Yo-kai Watch Medals were released, going by the moniker of of "Yo-motion". The Medals didn't sell enough to warrant a Series 3 and Series 4 release to come out in North America[1], leaving the overall collection incomplete, and the brand to be discontinued in late 2016. Several fans have also complained about the artwork on the Medal being modified to make room for the Yo-motion circles.

By the time Series 3 and Series 4 Yo-motion came out in France, Spain and Italy, they were produced in limited quantities to the point of the Medals themselves going for high prices on auction sites. It is not known if the Yo-motion Medals are still being produced, but it is highly unlikely that Hasbro will release more sets of Series 3 and 4 Yo-motion Medals.

At the beginning of 2018, the western version of the Yo-kai Watch Model U was released in France, Spain and Latin America only with no English-language support. While the Yo-motion feature was upgraded, the SD Card slot was completely removed from the product. The voices were also different from the ones in the anime or games and some summoning songs had the exact same ones as Charming like the Model Zero.

All of this lead to negative reception from fans, especially in Europe. When Yo-kai Watch Blasters was released, the official Yo-kai Watch Twitter confirmed that they would be giving out QR codes on their profile from that point on.

Yo-kai Medal Sets

Japanese/Asian Version

Main article: List of Yo-kai Medal Sets (Asian)

Yo-kai Medal Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Chapter 1 - Welcome to Yo-kai World ~ Yo-kai Medal Chapter 1 JPJanuary 11, 2014
KONovember 2014
Chapter 2 - Rare Yo-kai Lurking in Daily Life!?~ Yo-kai Medal Chapter 2 JPMarch 22, 2014
KONovember 2014
Chapter 3 - Evolution Yo-kai no Hi Mi Tsu ~ Yo-kai Medal Chapter 3 JPJune 7, 2014
KOJanuary 2015
Chapter 4 - Bulbul! Trouble Yo-kai Daisetsu! Yo-kai Medal Chapter 4 JPOctober 18, 2014
KOMay 2015
Chapter 5 - Trombone of the Demon World ~ Yo-kai Medal Chapter 5 JPApril 11, 2015

Yo-kai Medal Zero Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Appearance! Z Medal with Arimasu! ~ Yo-kai Medal Z Vol. 1 JPJuly 12, 2014
KOMay 2015
Appearance! Arimasu with Classic Medals! Yo-kai Medal Classic Vol. 1 JPJuly 12, 2014
KOMay 2015
~ Imadoki Yo-kai Paradise! Yo-kai Medal Z Vol. 2 JPSeptember 13, 2014
KOJuly 2015
Hey! S Rank Yo-kai-sama ~ Yo-kai Medal Classic Vol. 2 JPSeptember 13, 2014
KOOctober 2015
Kaima Now! Honma Kanama?? Yo-kai Medal Z Vol. 3 JPJanuary 17, 2015
KOAugust 2015

Yo-kai Medal Revival Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Chapter 1 - Yokoso! Yo-kai Warudo! Appearance! Yo-kai Medal Revived Chapter 1 JPJanuary 22, 2015
Chapter 2 - Rare Yo-kai Hiding in Daily Life!?~ Yo-kai Medal Revived Chapter 2 JPMay 23, 2015

Yo-kai Medal Busters Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
The 1st Demon Exodus Denzurako Hen Yo-kai Medal Busters Vol. 1 JPJuly 11, 2015
KOApril 2016
2nd Actress Despondent Beautiful Kibi Dango Hen Yo-kai Medal Busters Vol. 2 JPAugust 1, 2015
KOJune 2016
The 3rd Melody Demon Ishimi Hosutashi Hen Yo-kai Medal Busters Vol. 3 JPSeptember 12, 2015
KOOctober 2016
The 4th Move Exhibited Yoiyoi Hen Yo-kai Medal Busters Vol. 4 JPDecember 12, 2015
The 5th Curtain Hell Jokesho Entangled Enma Yo-kai Medal Busters Vol. 5 JPFebruary 20, 2016

Yo-kai Medal U Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Stage 1 - Update! Uta Medal Hit Parade! Yo-kai Medal U Stage 1 JPOctober 10, 2015
KOJuly 2016
Stage 2 - The Silver Screen Debuts! 5 Stories of the Story, Nyan! Yo-kai Medal U Stage 2 JPDecember 12, 2015
KONovember 2016
Stage 3 - New Chapter Found! Konnichiwa from Japan County! Yo-kai Medal U Stage 3 JPFebruary 20, 2016
Stage 4 - ~ Hello! This is a 'Merican Yo-kai! ~ Yo-kai Medal U Stage 4 JPApril 23, 2016

Yo-kai Medal USA Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Case 1 - Is a similar alias brought up! Yo-kai Medal USA Case 1 JPJuly 30, 2016
KOApril 2017
Case 2 - We are 'Merican Mukimuki Macho Men!! Yo-kai Medal USA Case 2 JPOctober 22, 2016
KOSeptember 2017
Case 3 - Crash! Ikemen Hero Battle Battle Battle! Yo-kai Medal USA Case 3 JPDecember 10, 2016
KODecember 2017
Treasure filled Tamagotchi! Ladder Legend Yo-kai! Yo-kai Medal USA Case 4 (BOX) Yo-kai Medal USA Case 4 JPFebruary 4, 2017
Miracle of Dungeon! W Legend Yo-kai Appearance! Yo-kai Medal USA Case 5 JPApril 15, 2017

Yo-kai Medal Dream Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Heaven Hell! Masaru Dream Roulette! Yo-kai Medal Dream Vol. 1 (BOX) Yo-kai Medal Dream Vol. 1 JPJuly 16, 2016
KOApril 2017
Hotoke in Hell!? Seizure Dream Opportunity! Yo-kai Medal Dream Vol. 2 JPSeptember 17, 2016
KOJuly 2016
Flying Whale and Double World Big Dream Nyan! Yo-kai Medal Dream Vol. 3 JPDecember 17, 2016
KOOctober 2017
Yuki Release, Illusion in the Dungeon! Yo-kai Medal Dream Vol. 4 JPJanuary 14, 2017
God Yo-kai! Nurari God Descend Kitter! Yo-kai Medal Dream Vol. 5 JPMarch 25, 2017
God era coming! Takeshame hollow spirit Lord Enma's hidden treasure! ~ Yo-kai Medal Dream Vol. 6 JPJune 24, 2017

Yo-kai Medal Treasure Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Resurrect Phoenix and the Legendary Goddess Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 1 JPJuly 15, 2017
Legendary Giant Yo-kai and Golden Dragon Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 2 JPAugust 11, 2017
Beautiful King and Mechanistic Yo-kai Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 3 JPOctober 21, 2017
Two Miracles of Megalith Civilization Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 4 (BOX) Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 4 JPNovember 25, 2017
Shadowside Yo-kai Medal Treasure Shadowside (BOX) Yo-kai Medal Treasure Shadowside JPDecember 9, 2017
Resurrection! The Great Hippo Yo-kai and the Enma of the Fight! Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 5 (BOX) Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 5 JPJanuary 20, 2018
Crystal's Legend Challenged! The Strongest Busters! Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 6 (BOX) Yo-kai Medal Treasure Vol. 6 JPFebruary 17, 2018

Other Series

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Sangokushi - Unified! Sakura New Town Yo-kai Medal Sangokushi JPApril 9, 2016
Dark (Prologue) Yo-kai Medal Dark (BOX) Yo-kai Medal Dark JPFebruary 18, 2017
Gum Vol. 1 Yo-kai Medal Gum Vol. 1
Gum Vol. 2 Yo-kai Medal Gum Vol. 2
Ramune Yo-kai Medal Ramune
Z Ramune Vol. 1 Yo-kai Medal Z Ramune Vol. 1
Z Ramune Vol. 2 Yo-kai Medal Z Ramune Vol. 2
Z Ramune Vol. 3 Yo-kai Medal Z Ramune Vol. 3
Busters Ramune Vol. 1 Yo-kai Medal Busters Ramune Vol. 1
Busters Ramune Vol. 2 Yo-kai Medal Busters Ramune Vol. 2
U Ramune Vol. 1 Yo-kai Medal U Ramune Vol. 1
U Ramune Vol. 2 Yo-kai Medal U Ramune Vol. 2
USA Gum Vol. 1 Yo-kai Medal USA Gum Vol. 1
USA Gum Vol. 2 Yo-kai Medal USA Gum Vol. 2
USA Gum Vol. 3 Yo-kai Medal USA Gum Vol. 3
USA Gum Plus Yo-kai Medal USA Gum Plus
USA Ramune Yo-kai Medal USA Ramune
Dream Medal Seven Lucky God Mystery Pack 5f9875a7


Type Picture Release date Medal No.
Normal Medal GP 02
Normal Medal GP 03
Z Medal GP Vol. 1
Z Medal GP Vol. 2
Normal Medal GP 05
Normal Medal GP 01 (Reprint ver.)
Normal Medal GP 06
Z Medal GP Vol. 3
Z Medal GP Vol. 4
Normal Medal GP 07
Normal Medal GP 02 (Reprint ver.)
Z Medal GP Vol. 5
B Medal GP Vol. 1
B Medal GP Vol. 2
B Medal GP Vol. 3
B Medal GP Vol. 4
U Medal GP Vol. 2
B Medal GP Vol. 5
B Medal GP Vol. 6
U Medal GP Vol. 3
'Merican Medal GP Vol. 1
Dream & USA GP Vol. 1
USA GP Vol. 1
Dream & USA GP Vol. 2
USA GP Vol. 1
Dream Medal GP 01
Dream Medal GP 02
Dream Medal GP 03
Dream Medal GP 04
Treasure Medal GP 01
Treasure Medal GP 02
Treasure Medal GP 03
Treasure Medal GP 04
Treasure Medal GP 05

Treasure Emblems

Type Picture Release date Medal No.

Medal Case

Type Picture Release date Medal No.

Other Products

Type Picture Release date Medal No.

American/European Version

Main article: List of Yo-kai Medal Sets (Western)

Regular Medals

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Series 1 YokaiSeries1HasbroMedalBox YokaiSeries1HasbroMedalBag NANovember 2015
EUJune 2016
Series 2 YokaiSeries2HasbroMedalBox YokaiSeries2HasbroMedalBag NASpring 2016
EUSeptember 2016
Series 3 YokaiSeries3HasbroMedalBox YokaiSeries3HasbroMedalBag 24
Series 4 YokaiSeries4HasbroMedalBox YokaiSeries4HasbroMedalBag 24

Yo-motion Medals

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Yo-motion Series 1 YokaiSeries1YomotionHasbroMedalBox YokaiSeries1YomotionHasbroMedalBag NASeptember 2016
EUFebruary 2017
Yo-motion Series 2 Yo-motion Series 2 (BOX) Yo-motion Series 2 NAOctober 2016
EUMay 2017
Yo-motion Series 3 Yo-motion Series 3 (BOX) Yo-motion Series 3 EUSeptember 2017
Yo-motion Series 4 YomotionS4 EUDecember 2017

Yo-motion 2X Medals

Type Box Packet Release date Medal No.
Yo-motion 2X Series 1 YokaiSeries1Yomotion2HasbroMedalBox YokaiSeries1Yomotion2HasbroMedalBag EUMarch 2018

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