B-Medals (Japanese: Bメダル Bī Medaru) are toy-exclusive Yo-kai Medals introduced following the release of the Yo-kai Watch Blasters games, with the design of the Yo-kai Medals serving as the standard Medal designs in-game. The B Medals in the west are unofficially known as B Yo-Motion 2X Medals. These Medals work with the DX Yo-kai Watch Model U and Dream Model. When B Medals are inserted into either DX Yo-kai Watch models, it performs the normal soundbytes, but it also adds a musical motif, followed by announcing that Yo-kai's role as a Blaster.

B Medals are black (except for the Legendaries), with their artwork featuring their Yo-kai doing some sort of action, with the name being written in calligraphic font.

Similar to the Z and U Yo-kai Medals, B Medals feature a distinctive marking in the upper right corner of 4 specific kanji, which vary depending on what that Yo-kai's role is as a Blaster: Attack (Japanese: ) for Fighters, Heal (Japanese: Ji) for Healers, Odd (Japanese: Ki) for Rangers, and Protect (Japanese: Shū) for Tanks. The kanji, much like the names, are written in a calligraphic font. The role of a Yo-kai as a Blaster also influences the inner frame's color: Red for Fighters, Green for Healers, Purple for Rangers, and Dark Blue for Tanks.

There are also B Medals that depict Boss Yo-kai. The B Medals that have Boss Yo-kai on them are known as Boss Medals (Japanese: ボスメダル Bosu Medaru). When inserted into the DX Yo-kai Watch Model U toy, it will play a ominous electric guitar chord.

There are 205 B Medals in Total.

It is confirmed that the QR codes of the JP B Medals are 300% compatible with the international version of Yo-kai Watch Blasters.

Brave tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Tanbo Tanbo BM Fighter
Slacka-slash Slacka-slash BM Fighter
Washogun Arai Mashō B Medal Healer
Lie-in Heart Man'ojishi B Medal Fighter
Snartle Snartle BM Fighter
Slicenrice Onigiri-zamurai B Medal Fighter
Flamurice Yakionigiri B Medal Fighter
Reuknight Reuknight BM Tank
Corptain Corptain B Medal Tank
Sgt. Burly Burī-taichō B Medal Ranger
Blazion Blazion BM Ranger
Chansin Chansin BM Fighter
Gleam Kusanagi B Medal Fighter
B3-NK1 B3-NK1 BM Tank
Moximous N Moximous N BM Fighter
Hovernyan Fuyunyan BHovernyan BM (Rainbow var.) Fighter
Machonyan Maskudonyan B Medal Fighter
Cruncha Cruncha BM Fighter
Illuminoct Illuminoct BM Fighter
Momonyan Momotaronyan B Medal Tank
Bison Burly Marshall Bully BM Ranger
Arachnevil Onigumo B Medal Fighter

Mysterious tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Snottle Hanahojin B Medal Ranger
Tattletell Bakurobaa B Medal Healer
Smogmella Enraenra B Medal Fighter
Statiking Statiking BM Fighter
Master Oden Master Oden BM Healer
Mirapo Mirapo B Medal Tank
Miradox Miadox BM Tank
Mircle Yami Kagami B Medal Tank
Verygoodsir Sebastian B Medal Healer
Tengu Tengu BM Fighter
Kyubi Kyubi B Medal Fighter
Frostail Frostail BM Fighter
Chymera Nue B Medal Fighter
Kingmera Fumazaru B Medal Fighter
Toadal Demon Toadal Demon BMToadal Demon BM (Rainbow var.) Fighter
Fuu 2 Fuu2 BM Fighter

Tough tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Noway Noway BM Tank
Roughraff Roughraff BM Fighter
Mimikin Mimikin SM Tank
Enduriphant Gamammoth B Medal Tank
Frazzel Hiraishin B Medal Fighter
Swelton Asekkaki B Medal Tank
Mad Mountain Mad Mountain BM Tank
Castelius I Kinkaku B Medal Ranger
Rhinoggin Musha Kabuto B Medal Tank
Rhinormous Rhinormous B Tank
Robonyan Robonyan B Medal Tank
Goldenyan Goldenyan BM Tank
Robonyan F Robonyan F-gata Busters Tank
Dromp Dromp BM Tank
Toadal Dude Toadal Dude BM Tank
Uber Geeko Oyamori B Medal Ranger
Puppynyan Inunyan B Medal Fighter
Kintaronyan Kintaronyan B Medal Fighter
Kabuking (Friend Form) Kabukiroid bmedal Tank

Charming tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Cadin Cadin BM Ranger
Singcada Singcada BM Ranger
Swelterrier Atsugaruru B Medal Fighter
Jibanyan Jibanyan B MedalJibanyan BM (Rainbow var.) Fighter
Jibanyan S Jibanyan S BM Fighter
Thornyan 61FoWyezX-L Fighter
Baddinyan Warunyan B Medal Fighter
Buchinyan Buchinyan B Ranger
Sailornyan Sailornyan B Medal Healer
Rudy Rudy BM Fighter
Walkappa Walkappa BM Fighter
Supyo Namigappa B Medal Fighter
Komasan Komasan B MedalKomasan BM (Rainbow var.) Fighter
Komasan S Komasan S BM Fighter
Komajiro Komajiro BM Fighter
Komajiro S Komajiro S BM Fighter
Jibakoma Jibakomabmedal Fighter
Nekidspeed Bakusoku B Medal Ranger
Pinkipoo Pinkipoo BM Healer
Pookivil Pookivil BM Healer
Blizzaria Blizzaria BM Fighter
Damona Hyakki-hime B Medal Fighter
Faux Kappa Kappa B Medal Fighter
Master Nyada Master Nyada BM Ranger
Jibanyan B B-Jibanyan BM Fighter
Komasan B B-Komasan BM Fighter
Chimpanyan Monkeynyan BM Ranger
Rubeus J Rubeus J BM (Friend Form) Fighter
Hardy Hound Mighty Dog (Friend Form) B Medal Ranger

Heartful tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Wiglin Wakame-kun B Medal Healer
Kelpacabana Kelpacabana BM Healer
Hungramps Hungramps BM Healer
Tongus Tongus BM Healer
Nurse Tongus Kizunurse B Medal Healer
Sandmeh Sunao B Medal Healer
Scarasol Karakasa-majin B Medal Tank
Supoor Hero Okanenider B Medal Ranger
High Gnomey Zashiki-warashin B Medal Healer
Peppillon Peppillon BM Healer
Happierre Honobonobusmedal Healer
Reversa Hyōhennu B Medal Healer
Reversette Hyōhenna B Medal Fighter
Ol' Saint Trick Ol' Saint Trick BM Healer
Papa Bolt Raioton B Medal Tank
Mama Aura Sei Okan B Medal Healer
Kyryn Kirin B Medal Healer
Unikirin Ikkaku B MedalUnkirin BM (Rainbow var.) Healer
Pheasanyan Pheasanyan BM Healer
Seaweed Sensei Mozuku-sensei BM Healer
Odysseynyan Urashimanyan BM Healer

Shady tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Agon Agon BM Fighter
Carniboy Niku-kui Otoko B Medal Ranger
Hidabat Hidabat B Medal Ranger
Count Zapaway Count Zapaway BM Fighter
Dracunyan Dracunyan 23 c585 2308200 Fighter
Usapyon USApyon B MedalUsapyon BM (Rainbow var.)Usapyon BM (Invader Mode)USApyon Emperor Medal Fighter
Usapyon (Football Gear) USApyon Football B Medal Fighter
Usapyon (Scuba Gear) Usapyon BM (Marine Style) Fighter
Usapyon (GI Gear) USApyon Military B Medal Fighter
Usapyon (Racing Gear) Usapyon BM (Driving Style) Fighter
Beelzebold Debibiran B Medal Fighter
Count Cavity Count Cavity BM Fighter
Eyesoar Todemeki B Medal Tank
Greesel Dokeching B Medal Ranger
Awevil Awevil BM Ranger
Darkyubi Darkyubi BM Fighter
Gutsy Bones (Friend Form) Gutsy Bones BM (Friend Form) Ranger
Usapyon B B-USApyon BM Fighter

Eerie Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Skreek Shinigamidori B Medal Fighter
Manjimutt Jinmenken B Medal Ranger
Nosirs Nosirs BM Ranger
Dismarelda Don'yorīnu B Medal Tank
Cheeksqueek Onarazumono B Medal Ranger
Cuttincheez Cuttincheez BM Ranger
Toiletta Hanako-san B Medal Fighter
Everfore Oiran B Medal Ranger
Eterna Fujimi Gozen B Medal Fighter
Darknyan Darknyan BM Ranger
Arachnus Tsuchigomo B Medal Fighter
Arachnia Jorogomo B Medal Ranger
Drenchetta Drenchetta BM Healer

Slippery tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Noko Tsuchinoko B Medal Healer
Pandanoko Tsuchinoko Panda B Medal Healer
Whinona Kongaragyaru B Medal Fighter
Whisper Whisper BMWhisper B Medal Ranger
Dragon Lord Draglordbmedal Fighter
Azure Dragon Seiryu B Medal Fighter
Mermadonna Yao Bikuni B Medal Fighter
Mermother Izanami B Medal Fighter
Lady Longnek Rokurokubi B Medal Ranger
Babblong Nagabana B Medal Ranger
Bananose Bananose BM Ranger
Venoct Orochi Busters Fighter
Shadow Venoct Shadow Venoct B Medal Healer
Starry Noko Tsuchinoko Seijin B Medal Ranger

Wicked Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Unfairy Yakkai bmedal Ranger
Unkaind Fukai B Medal Healer
Untidy Yo-kai B Medal Tank
Unpleasant A184c41b Ranger
Unkeen Hakai B Medal Fighter

Enma Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Blaster Role Obtain from
Lord Enma Enma-daiō B Medal Fighter

Boss Yo-kai

Yo-kai Medal Obtain from
Sproink Sproink BM
Hoggles Onobori Kuroton B Medal
Gutsy Bones Gutsy Bones BM (Friend Form)
Goldy Bones Gashadokuro G B Medal
Glitzy Bones Diamant Dokuro B Medal
SV Snaggerjag SV Snaggerjag BM
Styx Mk.VI Dai-hachi Sanzumaru B Medal
Slimamander Slimamander BM
Eyedra Eyedra BM
Gargaros Gargaros BM
Ogralus Ogralus Boss
Orcanos Orcanos BM
Demuncher Demuncher BM
Devourer Devourer BM
Rubeus J Rubeus J BM
Hardy Hound Mighty Dog B Medal
Wobblewok Wobblewok BM
Mass Mutterer Mass Mutterer BM
Whisped Cream Whisped Cream BM
Dame Dedtime Image-3
McKraken McKraken B Medal
Kabuking Kabukiroid B Medal
Robonyan 28 Robonyan 28 BM
Kat Kraydel Kat Kraydel BM
Hinozall Hi no Shin Medal
Red Paws Red Paws BM
Swirlious Omai Swirlious Omai BM
Captain Thunder Captain Thunder BM
Robonyan 3000 Robonyan 3000 BM
Zazel (Boss Form) Zazel BM
Golden Claws Golden Paws BM
Swirlious Gold Swirlious Gold BM
Hinozall Awoken Hinozall Awoken BM
Shogun King Shogun King BM
Pink Emperor Pink Emperor BM

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