Dream Medals (Japanese: ドリームメダル Dorīmu Medaru) are special Yo-kai Medals designed to work specifically with the Yo-kai Watch Dream.

These particular Medals resemble poker chips in design, with crowns instead of directional arrows. The names of the Yo-kai are written in English letterings with katakana-styled Furigana aide, with both English lettering and tribe symbols being made to emulate letters/shapes made with neon tubing. 

For a Yo-kai to obtain a Dream Medal, they are shown to trade in their former Yo-kai Medal (as Jibanyan did) or something completely different (Whisper traded parts of his own body due to not having a medal with him) at Dream Land if they want a Dream Medal. The medals can be used as roulette tokens to obtain special prizes, including the Yo-kai Watch Dream itself.

While not compatible with the DX Yo-kai Watch Model U, the Dream Medals can indeed emit sounds from the toy.

For certain Yo-kai who came prior to Yo-kai Watch 3 that have Dream Medals, there appears to be two variants of the Dream Medals, where one where the Yo-kai is happy, and the other where they're sad or expressing a different negative emotion.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, the NFC Reader (or the built-in amiibo reader on the New Nintendo 3DS models) can scan this medal type, adding more gold spots onto the Dream Wheel in St. Peanutsburg. This can be done with a charged Yo-kai Dream Medal by using the NFC functionality of the Dream Medal as like an amiibo (which of course isn't, but the medals do an amiibo bypass in Yo-kai Watch 3, Yo-kai Watch Blasters, and some of the arcade games).

This feature was omitted in the localization of Yo-kai Watch 3, rendering them unusable outside of Japan. However, their associated features were made unlocked by default (Summoning Songs) and accessible via other means (The Seven Gods of Fortune and Auras with Ghastly Fragments).

There are 203 Dream Medals in Total.

Brave Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Var./Stray Medal Charged with Obtain from
Lie-in Heart Lie-in Heart DM
Snartle Snartle
Brutle Namanamahage DM
Lappinitup SounameDM
BBQvil Nikuyaki Dream Medal
Blazion Blazion DM
Sheen SheenDM
Snee Snee
Gleam Gleam Burning Yo-kai
Hovernyan Hovernyan Hovernyan (Enma Blade var.) Luck Yo-kai
Cruncha Cruncha
Machonyan Machonyan Dream Medal
Momonyan Taronyan DM Taronyan DM (Starry Noko var.)
Sir Nyansalot Nyankishi
Sgt. Burly Sgt Burly Burning Yo-kai
Bison Burly Marshal Bully DM
Illuminoct Illuminoct Burning Yo-kai
Arachnevil Arachnevil DM
Shurikenny Hanzou
Nunchucky Kotarou
Supernyan HeronyanDM
Righteous Zazel Righteous Zazel Dream Medal Righteous Zazel DM (Awoken Enma var.) Luck Yo-kai
Columbakat ColumbusDM Kiwami Luck Yo-kai

Mysterious Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Charged with Obtain from
Snottle Snottle
Cornfused Cornfused
Tattletell TattletellDM
Cupistol Cupistol
So-Sorree So-Sorree
Signiton Signiton
Master Oden Master Oden Kiwami Mountain God Yo-kai
Apelican Apelican DM
House Partay Yeeey Dream Medal
Mirapo MirapoDM
Maginyan Nyanmajo
Tengu TenguDM
Kyubi KyubiDM
Frostail Frostail
Kingmera Kingmera Kiwami Mountain God Yo-kai
Toadal Demon Toadal Demon DM
Thurston Syutendouji
Agent Spect-hare Agent Spect-hare
Snow Spect-hare Snow Spect-hare Kiwami Mountain God Yo-kai
T. Energison EdisonDM

Tough Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Stray Medal Charged with Obtain from
Noway NowayDM
Roughraff RoughraffDM
Frazzel Frazzel
Castelius I Castelius I DM
Castelius Max Castelius Max
Puppynyan Doggynyan DM
Kintaronyan Kintaronyan DM Golden Yo-kai
Robonyan F Robonyan F
Robonyan F (M03 ver.) Robonyan F DM (3D Version) Mountain God Yo-kai
Showbonyan Robonyan USA Dream Medal
Goldenyan Goldenyan DM
Toadal Dude Toadal Dude Toadal Dude (Hagure) Luck Yo-kai
Uber Geeko Uber Geeko Dream Medal
Gargaros (Friend Form) GargarosDM Golden Yo-kai
Ogralus (Friend Form) Ogralus Golden Yo-kai
Orcanos (Friend Form) Orcanos Golden Yo-kai
Kabuking (Friend Form) Kabuking DM
The Jawsome Kid The Shark Golden Yo-kai
El Sharkador El Syaclero
Silver Lining Silver Lining DM Luck Yo-kai
Terminyanator NyaaminatorDM
Ultimate Robonyan Ultimate Robonyan

Charming Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Var./Stray Medal Charged with Obtain from
Swelterrier Swelterrier DM
Unbearaboy! Bad Boya DM Moonlight Yo-kai
Inflammaboy! Gekikara Boy
Kittylumbus Necolumbus DM Whistle Yo-kai
Walkappa Walkappa DM
Jibanyan Jibanyan Dream Medal official artwork
Jibanyan (M03 ver.) Jibanyan 3D Roulette Medal
Jibanyan B B-Jibanyan DM B-Jibanyan DM (Rubeus J var.) Whistle Yo-kai
Jibanyan S Jibanyan S DM
Baddinyan Baddinyan Dream Medal
Buchinyan Buchinyan DM
Komasan Komasan DM Komasan DM (Wotchagot var.)
Komasan (M03 ver.) Komasan DM (3D Version) Mountain God Yo-kai
Komasan B B-Komasan DM B-Komasan DM (Hardy Hound var.) Whistle Yo-kai
Komasan S Komasan S DM
Komajiro Komajiro Dream Medal
Komajiro (M03 ver.) Komajiro DM (3D Version) Mountain God Yo-kai
Komajiro S Komajiro S Dream Medal
Koma Mom Koma Kaachan DM
Shmoopie Schmoopie Dream Medal
Jetnyan JetnyanDM
Chimpanyan Monkeynyan DM
Tomnyan Tomnyan Dream Medal official artwork
Koma Knomads KK Brothers Dream Medal official artwork
Tom & KK Tom & K.K DM
Blizzaria Blizzaria DM Blizzaria DM (Wotchagot var.)
Melonyan Melonyan DM
Oranyan Oranyan DM
Kiwinyan Kiwinyan Dream Medal
Grapenyan Grapenyan Dream Medal
Strawbnyan Strawbnyan DM Moonlight Yo-kai
Watermelnyan Watermelnyan Dream Medal Whistle Yo-kai
Sapphinyan Sapphinyan DM
Emenyan Emenyan Dream Medal
Rubinyan RubinyanDM Moonlight Yo-kai
Topanyan Topanyan Dream Medal
Dianyan Dianyan DM Whistle Yo-kai
Sailornyan Sailornyan DM
Rubeus J (Friend Form) Rubeus J DM Moonlight Yo-kai
Hardy Hound (Friend Form) Hardy Hound DM Whistle Yo-kai
Whirlweasel Kamaitachi DM Moonlight Yo-kai
Faux Kappa Faux Kappa DM
Tenguriginal Karasu TenguDM Moonlight Yo-kai
Tenulightened Karura Dream Medal
Koalanyan Koalanyan DM Koalanyan DM (Crank-a-kai var.) Luck Yo-kai
Jibanyan T Treasure JibanyanDM
Komasan T Treasure Komasan DM Kiwami Luck Yo-kai
Deadcool Warunolin DM Warunolin (var.) Kiwami Luck Yo-kai

Heartful Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Charged with Obtain from
Hungramps HungrampsDM
Mister Sandmeh Mr Sandmeh
High Gnomey High Gnomey Luck Yo-kai
Peppillon PeppillonDM
Ray O'Light Ray O' Light
Lazy Sundae Sunday Papa Dream Medal
Happierre Happierre DM
Pheasanyan Pheasanyan DM
Odysseynyan Urashimanyan
Kyryn Kyryn DM
Unikirin Unikirin
Double Time Speedy W Luck Yo-kai
Sonic Bam Kung Fu Mach Dream Medal
Starwin DarwinDM Kiwami Luck Yo-kai

Shady Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Stray Medal Charged with Obtain from
Treetter Tsubuyaki Dream Medal
Retreeter Treet Dream Medal
Salty Bacon Karikaribacon
Hidabat HidabatDM Mischief Yo-kai
Count Zapaway Count Zapaway DM
K'mon-K'mon K'mon-K'mon Mischief Yo-kai
Dracunyan Dracunyan Mischief Yo-kai
Lil Kappa Kapper DM
Usapyon USApyon Mischief Yo-kai
Usapyon (M03 ver.) USApyon (M03 ver.) Mountain God Yo-kai
Usapyon B B-USApyon DM B-Usapyon (Captain Thunder and Pink Emperor var.)
Slimamander (Friend Form) Slimamander Dream Medal
Gutsy Bones (Friend Form) Gutsy Bones DM
Count Cavity Count Cavity Mischief Yo-kai
Awevil AwevilDM Kiwami Mischief Yo-kai
Darkyubi Darkyubi
Dr. E. Raser Dr. E. RaserDM Luck Yo-kai
Dr. Nocturne Dr. Kagemura Dream Medal
Tut 'n' K'mon Matenou DM
Kaped Komander Dark Komar DM Kiwami Mischief Yo-kai
Zazel ZazelDM Luck Yo-kai
Hinozall Awoken Hinozall Awoken Dream Medal

Eerie Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Stray Medal Charged with Obtain from
Manjimutt Manjimutt DM
Dismarelda DismareldaDM
Toiletta Toiletta
Everfore EverforeDM
Sproink (Friend Form) Sproink Dream Medal
Darknyan Darknyan
Hairum Scarum Otoroshi Kiwami Mischief Yo-kai
Arachnus Arachnus Arachnus DM Luck Yo-kai
Arachnia Arachnia Dream Medal
Oridjinn OriginDM Luck Yo-kai
Horridjinn Phantom Phantom (Hagure) Kiwami Mischief Yo-kai
Little Charrmer Little Charmer Luck Yo-kai

Slippery Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Stray Medal Charged with Obtain from
Noko NokoDM
Pandanoko Pandanoko DM
Draggie Draggie
Dragon Lord Dragon Lord DM
Azure Dragon Azure Dragon DM
Mermaidyn Mermaidyn
Mermadonna Mermadonna
D-Stroy D-Rex
Clodzilla Dozilla
Daiz Daiz
Babblong BabblongDM
SV Snaggerjag (Friend From) SV Snaggerjag Dream Medal
Venoct VenoctDM
Shadow Venoct Shadow Venoct
Steve Jaws Steve Jaws DM Steve Jaws DM (Noko var.)
Mark Orckerberg Mark Orckerberg DM Mark Orckerberg DM (Noko var.)

Wicked Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Charged with Obtain from
Unfairy Unfairy DM Luminous Yo-kai
Unkaind Unkaind Luminous Yo-kai
Untidy Untidy Luminous Yo-kai
Unpleasent Unpleasant
Unkeen Unkeen

Wandroid Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Var. Medal Charged with Obtain from
Sighborg Y Android Yamada DM Android Yamada DM (Starry Noko var.)

Enma Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Charged with Obtain from
Lord Enma Lord Enma DM
Lord Enma & Zazel Lord Enma & Zazel Dream Medal
Ancient Enma King Enma DM
Lord Enma Awoken Awoken Enma Dream Medal


Nate summons Lord Enma
  • In EP138, when Nate summons Lord Enma, his Medal is the original one gifted to him and Hailey Anne during the second movie and not Enma's Dream Medal.
    • The same is with Toiletta, whom Nate used her Z Medal and not her Dream Medal.
    • Arachnus and Toadal Dude were shown in a recap to have there classic medals instead of there Dream Medals.
  • The Dream Medals are the first kind of Medals that serve as an umbrella variation, as these Medals are used by different Yo-kai types instead of just Present Yo-kai. This is due to how Dream Medals are created in the anime.
  • Solar Enma, Infinite Enma and Umbral Enma don't have their real-life counterparts; however, they have real-life Treasure Medal counterparts.
  • Despite the Dream Medal functionality being removed in the localization of Yo-kai Watch 3, there is a Babblong who can be found in Northbeech who still details how to use them.

The Dream Medals in the Western release of Yo-kai Watch 3 all have no English text written on them.

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