The Treasure Medals (Japanese: トレジャーメダル Torejā medaru) are only compatible with DX Yo-kai Watch Dream Model (requires version 4 update and newer) with any of the Treasure Power-up kit equipped and newer or DX Yo-kai Pod and any of the Treasure Gears. It was first introduced on June 24, 2017 in Japan, from the 6th and the last Dream series medal blind pack release. The QR codes on the back of these medals only works with the version 4.0 update of the third game. Also, the charge function of the Treasure Medals is only supported on Yo-kai Watch Dream Model and Yo-kai Pod.

There are 275 Treasure Medals in Total.

Brave Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Lie-in Heart Lie-in Heart Silver
Snartle Snartle (Silver) Silver
Brutle NamanamahageTM Gold
El Gutso Gachinkozou Bronze
Blazion BlazionTMBlazion (Silver) Bronze/Silver
Sheen Sheen (Bronze) Bronze
Snee Snee (Silver) Silver
Gleam Gleam Gold
Hovernyan HovernyanHovernyan (Gold) Silver/Gold
Cruncha Cruncha (Silver) Silver
Machonyan Machomen (Bronze) Bronze
Momonyan Taronyan Bronze
Sir Nyansalot Sir Nyansalot Silver
Sgt. Burly Sergeant BurlySergeant Burly (Gold) Silver/Gold
Illuminoct Illuminoct Gold
Shurikenny Hanzou (Silver) Silver
Camellia CamelliaTMCamellia (Gold) Silver/Gold
Supernyan Heronyan (Gold) Gold
Bishamonten Bishamonten Gold
Righteous Zazel Righteous Zazel (Gold) Gold
Shogunyan Shogunyan TM Special
The Last Nyanmurai The Last Nyanmurai Special
Crystal Bushinyan Crystal Shogunyan (Secret) Secret
Asura AsuraTM Special
Rampajah Shivaraku (Gold) Special
Bushinyan (Shadowside) Shogunyan TM (Shadowside) Special
El Dorago El Doragon (2)El DoragonEl Doragon (Hagure) Secret
The Hinix HinotoriHinotori (Hagure) Secret

Mysterious Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Dummkap Dummkap Bronze
Snottle Snottle (Sliver) Silver
Cornfused Cornfused Bronze
So-Sorree So-Sorree (Bronze) Bronze
Signiton Signiton (Gold) Gold
Master Oden Master Oden (Silver) Silver
Mirapo Mirapo (Bronze) Bronze
Maginyan Maginyan Silver
Captain Dodo Captain Dodo TM (Gold) Gold
Tengu Tengu Gold
Kyubi KyubiKyubi (Silver; 2)Kyubi (Gold) Silver/Gold
Frostail Frostail (Silver) Silver
Agent Spect-hare Agent Spect-hare (Silver) Silver
Hotei Hoteison (Gold) Gold
Shovulcan Mr. ScoopMr. Sprock (Silver)Mr. Sprock (Gold) Bronze/Silver/Gold
Koma Star Koma Star (Gold) Special
Komashura 507001944 Special
Sarcophacurse SarcophacurseTM Special
Yodelsen Yoderusen (Fossil)Yoderusen (Secret)Yoderusen (Hagure) Secret
Mademoaiselle Mademoisel (2)MademoiselMademoiselle (Hagure) Secret

Tough Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Roughraff Roughraff (Bronze) Bronze
Castelius III Castelius III Bronze
Castelius II Castelius II Silver
Castelius I Castelius I (Gold) Gold
Castelius Max Castelius Max TM Secret
Puppynyan Doggynyan Bronze
Kintaronyan Lumbernyan (Bronze) Bronze
Robonyan F Robonyan F TM (Silver) Silver
Showbonyan Showbonyan (Silver) Silver
Goldenyan Goldenyan TM Gold
Toadal Dude Toadal DudeToadal Dude (Gold) Silver/Gold
Gargaros (Friend Form) Gargaros Bronze
Ogralus (Friend Form) Ogralus Bronze
Orcanos (Friend Form) Orcanos Silver
Kabuking (Friend Form) Kabuking (Bronze) Bronze
The Jawsome Kid The Jawsome Kid (Silver) Silver
Silver Lining SkysyarimanSilver Lining (Gold) Silver/Gold
Kyubot Mecha Kyubi (Gold) Gold
Venoctobot Mecha Venoct (Gold) Gold
Platinos Platinum Oni (Gold) Special
Gilgaros Gilgaros TM Special
King Deadward Go-king Dead (Gold) Special
Zappadokia Sappat Gear (2)Sappat GearSappat Gear (Hagure) Secret

Charming Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Swelterrier Swelterrier (Silver) Silver
Unbearaboy! Bad Boya Bronze
Walkappa Walkappa (Bronze) Bronze
Jibanyan Jibanyan (Gold) Gold
Jibanyan S Jibanyan S (Gold) Gold
Baddinyan Baddinyan Bronze
Buchinyan Bushinyan (Bronze) Bronze
Komasan Komasan (Bronze)Komasan (Gold) Bronze/Gold
Komasan S Komasan S (Silver) Silver
Komajiro Treasure Komajiro (Bronze) Bronze
Komajiro S Komajiro S (Silver) Silver
Koma Kaachan Koma Mom (Bronze) Bronze
Jetnyan Jetnyan TM (Silver) Silver
Chimpanyan Monkeynyan Bronze
Tomnyan Tomnyan (Bronze)Tomnyan (Gold) Bronze/Gold
Koma Knomads KK Brothers (K-Juro and K-Koma; Silver) Silver
Blizzaria BlizzariaTMBlizzaria (Gold) Sliver/Gold
Damona Demona TM (Silver)Demona TM (Gold) Silver/Gold
Melonyan Melonyan Bronze
Oranyan Orangnyan (Bronze) Bronze
Kiwinyan KiwinyanTM Bronze
Grapenyan Grapenyan Bronze
Strawbnyan Strawbnyan (Bronze) Bronze
Watermelnyan Watermelnyan (Bronze) Bronze
Sapphinyan Sapphinyan (Gold) Gold
Emenyan Emenyan (Gold) Gold
Rubinyan RubinyanTM Gold
Topanyan Topanyan (Gold) Gold
Dianyan DianyanTM Gold
Sailornyan Sailornyan (Bronze) Bronze
Rubeus J (Friend Form) Rubeus J (Silver) Silver
Hardy Hound (Friend Form) Hardy Hound (Silver) Silver
Faux Kappa Faux Kappa TM (Bronze) Bronze
Benzaiten Benzaiten (Gold) Gold
Molar Petite Molar Petite TM (Bronze) Bronze
Koalanyan Koalanyan (Bronze) Bronze
Jibanyan T Treasure JibanyanTMTreasure Jibanyan (Blaster var.)Treasure Jibanyan (Gold) Bronze/Silver/Gold
Komasan T Treasure KomasanTreasure Komasan (Otakara-modoki var.)Treasure Komasan (Gold) Bronze/Silver/Gold
Her Eggcelency Tamago no Kimi TM Silver
Deadcool Warunolin TM Silver
Blizzie Fuuki-chan (Silver)Fubuki-chan (Gold) Silver/Gold
Originyan MassaranyanTM Bronze
Jibanyan (Shadowside) Jibanyan (Lightside and Shadowside; Bronze) Bronze
Spoilerina Spoilerina (Gold) Special
Princess Pearl OtohimeTM Special
Pandora Pandora TM Special
Meopatra Kurekurepatora (2)KurekurepatoraKurekurepatora (Hagure) Secret
Armorterasu Armor Terrace (2)Armorteras (Secret)Armorteras (Hagure) Secret

Heartful Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Hungramps Hungramps (Bronze) Bronze
Tongus Tongus Bronze
High Gnomey High Gnomey Gold
Happierre Happierre (Gold) Gold
Pheasanyan Pheasanyan Bronze
Odysseynyan Fishernyan (Bronze) Bronze
Papa Bolt Papa Bolt (Silver) Silver
Double Time Double Time (Silver) Silver
Fukurokuju FukurokujuTM Gold
Nyanses II Neko II (2)Neko II (Silver)Neko IIGTM Bronze/Silver/Gold
Flash T. Cash Bourgeois G TM Special
Elder Bloom Elder Bloom (Gold) Special
Comic Genieus King Reaction (Gold) Special
Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone (2)Rosetta StoneRosetta Stone (Hagure) Secret

Shady Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Hidabat Hidabat (Bronze) Bronze
Count Zapaway Count Zapaway (Bronze) Bronze
Dracunyan Dracunyan Bronze
Usapyon USApyonTM Bronze
Maizo Tokugawa Tokugawa Maizou (Gold) Gold
Count Cavity Count Cavity (Silver) Silver
Darkyubi Darkyubi Gold
Dr. E. Raser Dr. E. Razer (Silver) Silver
Tut 'n' K'mon Matenou (Silver) Silver
Ed Zoff Yagyou Gold
Gorgeous Ambassador Gorgeous-taishiTM Gold
Hinozall Hinozall (Gold) Gold
Zazel Lord Deviathan (Silver) Silver
Jurojin JurojinTM Gold
Hinozall Awoken Hinozall Awoken (Gold) Gold
Poofessor Poofesser TM Special
Bastnetnyan Nyasta (Gold) Special
Teducator Trivea TM Special
Doescalibur Doexcalibur (Fossil)Doexcalibur (Secret)Doexcalibur (Hagure) Secret

Eerie Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Manjimutt Manjimutt (Bronze) Bronze
Dismarelda Dismarelda TM (Bronze-rank) Bronze
Toiletta Toiletta (Bronze) Bronze
Sproink (Friend Form) Sproink (Bronze) Bronze
Darknyan Darknyan (Silver) Silver
Arachnus ArachnusArachnus (Gold) Silver/Gold
Oridjinn Oridjinn (Silver) Silver
Little Charrmer Saki-chanTMLittle Charrmer (Gold) Silver/Gold
Treasure Pest Otakara-modoki Bronze
Zomboy Zom B Chopper (2)Zom B ChopperSTMZom B Chopper (Gold) Bronze/Silver/Gold
Dandoodle Dandoodle (Gold) Special
Re-Q-Perate Batan Q (Gold) Special
Komanubis Zurabis (Gold) Special
Narcis II Narsis Nisei (2)Narsis NiseiNarsis the Second (Hagure) Secret
Encore Dead Angkor Dead (Fossil)Angkor DeadAngkor Dead (Hagure) Secret

Slippery Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Noko Noko Bronze
Bloominoko Bloomnoko (Silver) Silver
Pandanoko Pandanoko TM Gold
Starry Noko Starry Noko (Bronze) Bronze
Azure Dragon Azure Dragon (Gold) Gold
D-Stroy D-Stroy Bronze
Whisper Whisper (Bronze)Whisper (Gold) Bronze/Gold
Daiz Daiz (Bronze) Bronze
Vascoda Gama Basco da Gama (Silver) Silver
Venoct VenoctTMVenoct (Silver)Venoct (Gold) Silver/Gold
Shadow Venoct Shadow Venoct (Silver) Silver
Frogetmenot Senpoku-kanpoku (Gold) Gold
Ebisu Ebisu Gold
Indiana Jaws Indy Jaws (Bronze)Indy Jaws (Silver)Indy Jaws (Gold) Bronze/Silver/Gold
Slurpent Slurpent TM Special
City Licker Jimanhattan (Gold) Special
Whyvern King Nandaryuoh (Gold) Special
The Boracle Nostradamas Special
Fitwit YamatobokeruYamatobokeru (2)Yamatobokeru (Giant)Yamatobokeru (Hagure) Secret

Wicked Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Unfairy Unfairy (Silver) Silver
Unkaind Unkaind TM (Silver) Silver
Untidy Untidy (Silver) Silver
Unpleasant Unpleasent TM (Silver) Silver
Unkeen Unkeen (Silver) Silver

Enma Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Lord Enma Lord Enma (Gold) Gold
Ancient Enma King Enma (Gold) Gold
Lord Enma Awoken Awoken Enma (Gold) Gold
Solar Enma Solar Enma T Medal Secret
Infinite Enma Jiku-shin Enma TM Secret
Umbral Enma Ankoku-shin Enma Secret
Yami Enma Yami EnmaYami Enma (var.) Secret
Jaou Kaira Jaoh Kaira (Gold) Gold
Enma & Kaira Emma & Kaira (Sword)Emma & Kaira (Magnum) Secret
Enma Meiou Maka Enma Meiou Maka Secret
Enma Neko'ou Matatabi Enma Nekoou Matatabi Secret
Enma Ryuuou Mizuchi Enma Ryuuou Mizuchi Secret
Enma Raou Tekkaku Enma Raoh Tekkaku Secret

Wandroid Tribe

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Sighborg Y Android YamadaAndroid Yamada (Silver)Android Yamada (Gold) Bronze/Silver/Gold

Boss Yo-kai

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
The Lastest Nyanmurai Last Bushi-ou TM Secret

GeGeGe No Kitaro Crossover

Yo-kai Medal Rank Charged with Obtain from
Kitaro Kitaro Secret
Kitaronyan Kitanyan Secret
Medama-Oyaji Medama Oyaji Secret
Ittan-momen Ittan Momen Secret
Konaki Jijii Konaki Jijii Secret
Sunakake Babaa Sunakake Baba Secret
Nezumi Otoko Nezumi Otoko Secret
Neko-Musume Neko Musume Secret


There are a lot of Yo-kais that don't have thier Real-life Medal Counterparts such as: OgamitaoshiChousenshaMonomanekingMorigami RexPunijiroShourinjiiRaise GalKatenshiFutekusaru, Treasure USApyonAre BacchinoGashadokuro TreasureKanekui HimeAkiraMENShitauutsuboNaga RajaDoyagari Tribe MemberDoya OsaKing Jibanyan, Queen Usapyon, Jackomasan, Komajiro Ten, Acenyan, Josper, Hovernyan S, PunifuyuDoyagari JibanyanDoyagari KomasanGabbyGentlemuttCindy JawsDandorySpattoTantoKireneTorankaCatleenGustafGowinSeirei Banbarayar, and Fudou Myouou.

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