Z Medals (Japanese: Zメダル Zetto Medaru) are Yo-kai Medals introduced during Yo-kai Watch 2 with the introduction of the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero. Z Medals a long with Classic Medals were initially only compatible with the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero. The Z Medals in the West are unofficially known as Yo-Motion Medals.

There are 136 Z Medals in Total.

Z Medals are the standard Medal format used by Present-day Yo-kai, preceding the Normal Medals in this function. They would later be succeeded by the U Medals.

Early on, Z Medals were distinguished from their Normal Medal counterparts only by their pastel green coloring. Later releases saw fit to add the kanji "Zero" (Japanese: Rei) onto the Medal. 

Jibanyan's Z Medals have the same catchphrases in the localized version and lack the pose names which is ironically kept in Yo-kai Watch 2 when each medal scanned. 

Brave tribe

Yo-kai Medal Var. Medal Obtain from
Brushido Brushido
Washogun WashogunZM2
Lie-in Lie-in ZM
Lie-in Heart Lie-in Heart ZM
Hissfit Hissfit ZM
Slicenrice Slicenrice ZM
Flamurice Flamurice ZM
Sgt. Burly Sergeant Burly ZM Sergeant Burly Music
Blazion Blazion ZM
Demuncher Demuncher ZM
Devourer Devourer ZM
Hovernyan Hovernyan ZM Hovernyan (Hagure)
Slumberhog Slumberhog
Snortlehog Snortlehog
Samureel Samureel
Time Keeler Time KeelerZM2
Shogunyan ShogunyanZM2

Mysterious tribe

Yo-kai Medal Obtain from
Brokenbrella Brokenbrella ZM
Houzzat Houzzat ZM
So-Sorree So-Sorree ZM
Bowminos Bowminos ZM
Master Oden Master Oden
Failian FailianZM2
Apelican Apelican ZM
Miradox Miradox ZM
Verygoodsir Verygoodsir ZM
Kyubi KyubiZM2
Directator Directator

Tough tribe

Yo-kai Medal Obtain from
Terrorpotta Terrorpotta ZM
Wotchagot Wotchagot
Pride Shrimp Pride Shrimp ZM
No-Go Kart No-Go Kart ZM
Mistank Mistank ZM
Mimikin MimikinZM2
Enduriphant EnduriphantZM2
Zappary Zappary ZM
Frazzel Frazzel ZM
Swelton Swelton Medal
Robonyan Robonyan ZM
Sumodon Sumodon
Yokozudon Yokozudon
Whateverest Whateverest ZM

Charming tribe

Yo-kai Medal Var. Medal Obtain from
Leggly Leggly
Jumbelina Jumbelina
Jibanyan Jibanyan (Nyaight)Jibanyan (Nyext)Jibanyan (Victory)
Buchinyan BuchinyanZM3
Walkappa Walkappa ZM
Komasan Komasan ZM Komasan Music Medal
Komajiro Komajiro ZM Komajiro (Music)
Bakulia Bakulia
Drizzelda Drizzelda
Nekidspeed Nekidspeed ZM
Master Nyada Master Nyada Medal
Melonyan Melonyan ZM


Kiwinyan Kiwinyan Z Medal




Watermelnyan WatermelnyanZM2
Robokapp Robokapper
Robokoma Robokoma ZM
Spoilerina Spoilerina ZM

Heartful tribe

Yo-kai Medal Obtain from
Kelpacabana KelpacabanaZM2
Tongus Tongus ZM
Nurse Tongus Nurse Tongus
Sandmeh Sandmeh
Mister Sandmeh Mister Sandmeh
Supoor Hero Supoor Hero ZM
Ray O'Light Ray O' LightZM2
Happierre Happieere ZM
Happycane Happycane
Starrycane Starrycane
Robogramps Robogramps

Shady tribe

Yo-kai Medal Obtain from
Wydeawake Wydeawake
Allnyta AllnytaZM2
Herbiboy HerbiboyZM2
Carniboy CarniboyZM2
Hidabat Hidabat ZM
Yoink YoinkZM2
Gimme Gimme
K'mon-K'mon K'mon-K'monZM2
Yoodooit Yoodooit ZM
Count Zapaway Count Zapaway
Tyrat Tyrat
Snobetty Snobetty
Slimamander SlimamanderZM2
Dracunyan Dracunyan ZM
Wobblewok Wobblewok
Grumpus Khan Grumpus Khan
Groupus Khan Groupus Khan
Poofessor Poofessor ZM

Eerie tribe

Yo-kai Medal Obtain from
Robbinyu RobbinyuZM2
Squeeky Squeeky
Rawry RawryZM2
Manjimutt ManjimuttZM2
Nosirs NosirsNM2
Dismarelda Dismarelda ZM
Papa Windbag Papa Windbag ZM
Ben Tover Ben Tover ZM
Toiletta ToilettaZM2
Foiletta Foiletta
Sproink SproinkZM2
Robomutt RobomuttZM2
Darknyan DarknyanZM
Danke Sand Danke Sand
No Sandkyu No Sandkyu

Slippery tribe

Yo-kai Medal Obtain from
Cricky Cricky ZM
Noko NokoZM2
Snaggly Snaggly ZM
Whinona WhinonaZM2
Flushback Flushback
Vacuumory VacuumoryZM2
Irewig Irewig ZM
Firewig Firewig ZM
Draaagin Draaagin
SV Snaggerjag SV Snaggerjag ZM
Venoct VenoctZM2
Steve Jaws Steve JawsZM2
Robonoko Robonoko
Robodraggie Robodraggie
Takoyakid Takoyakid
Takoyaking Takoyaking
Slurpent Slurpent

Wicked tribe

Yo-kai Medal Obtain from
Unfairy UnfairyZM2
Unkaind UnkaindZM2
Untidy UntidyZM2
Unpleasant Unpleasent
Unkeen UnkeenZM2


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