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Yo-kai Sangokushi (Japanese: 妖怪三国志 Yōkai Sangokushi, literally meaning; "Records of Three Empires" or "Yo-kai Watch: Three Romances") is a collaborative game between Koei and Level-5 for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game is developed by Koei, and is based on Koei's long-running Romance of the Three Kingdoms series.



The game was first announced during Level-5 annual Vision 2015: The Beginning event. On January 15, 2016, Level-5 revealed in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro that the game will make its debut in Japan on April 2, 2016. Players who have purchased a physical copy of the game will receive special Commander Legendary Medal for Komasan. First-print copies come with that Komasan’s figure strap, and digital downloads get a bonus Buchinyan Cho Un that joins the player as a friend in the game.[1]


Yo-kai Sangokushi sold 518,492 copies in Japan.


Box covers

Yo-kai Sangokushi Japanese boxart
Japanese boxart of Yo-kai Sangokushi.


Yo-kai Sangokushi logo
Japanese logo of Yo-kai Sangokushi.

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