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Yo-kai Taiso Dai-ichi Puzzle da Nyan (Japanese: ようかい体操第一 パズルだニャン Yōkai taisō daiichi pazuru da nyan) is puzzle-themed application for iOS and Android.

It was released on July 18, 2013 in Japan, to promote Yo-Kai Taiso Dai-Ichi, which would later be used in the anime in 2014.


The player has to move Jibanyan heads up to match in order to earn points and fill up the health bar, while the anime ending theme plays in the background within a set time limit.

If the player manages to get a good score, a variant of Jibanyan will be awarded.

Types include:


6014 howto 2
Unnamed (1)
6014 howto 3


  • This app is the very second Yo-kai Watch video game to ever be released, one week after the Yo-kai Watch video game.

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