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The Yo-kai Watch! (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ! Yōkai Wotchi!) anime is an animated Japanese comedy-action-adventure series, which is the successor to Yo-kai Watch Shadowside. It takes place between the original Yo-kai Watch animated series and Yo-kai Watch Shadowside, with several elements loosely based on Yo-kai Watch 4. It made it's nationwide debut on April 5, 2019 in Japan.

The series is somewhat of a soft "reboot", as it's more of a continuation of the original series. It starts with Nate, and find out that Wazzat erased Nate's memories of Yo-kai. Whisper and Jibanyan manage revive his memories, but due his Yo-kai Watch being sent for maintenance, Whisper gives him the Yo-kai Watch Elda Model K, which allows Yo-kai to be summoned via Arks.


Nate is the exact same age he was in the original series. There are three things kept from the Shadowside anime: the new tribes, the Yo-kai Watch Elda (but as the Elda Model K), and the Yo-kai Arks.

All the Yo-kai, such as Whisper and Jibanyan, have the same designs that they had in the original series. Other known Yo-kai have returned, like Komasan, Komajiro, Kyubi, Venoct, Blizzaria, Shogunyan, and Robonyan F. The series returns back to it's usual running-gags and humor, and is also split into segments. The series also introduces Yo-kai that didn't appear in the original anime, like Azure Dragon and Casanono.

The episodes follow the same structure as the original series. Nate meets a yo-kai causing trouble, summons yo-kai to fight, and ends up getting involved in their issues, and is granted an ark at the end. When Nate meets a yo-kai, he asks Whisper who it is, and he usually comes up with two fake names before giving a real one. During the introduction scenes, the yo-kai's name is displayed, but the tribe is not. Episodes also contain mini-corners, like the original series.

Similar to Shadowside forms, the Yo-kai can take a new form called Onechanside if the user turns the Ark over. Onechanside forms are unpredictable, even the Yo-kai don't know what their Onechanside forms will look like. These forms can help Yo-kai when they have trouble defeating an enemy.


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  • This is the first Yo-kai Watch series to be animated by a different animation studio, which is Magic Bus. Though it's still co-produced with OLM.
  • The exclamation mark in the logo was joked about in one of the Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars 4Koma comics that explain about different types of requests.

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