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Yo-kai Watch: Gerapo Rhythm (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ ゲラポリズム Yōkai Wotchi Gerapo Rizumu) is a rhythm-action role playing game developed by Level-5. It was released in Japan on May 10, 2018. Initially meant to be released in Japan somewhere in March 2017, the game got delayed and was expected to be released in Japan somewhere in 2017.[1] Details remained silent until the game finally came out.

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Unlike most other Yo-kai Watch video games, this one is a rhythm game featuring select songs either from the game's soundtrack or were used as anime opening and ending themes. Tapping the beats plays out like Osu! Tatake Onuendan! (Known as Elite Beat Agents in the West)

Each song has their own unique stage and the player can enter an appeal time during the song. The player can receive more points by picking the appropriate Yo-kai requested by the audience. Players will eventually participate in the Yo-kai Red & White Song Contest, which is named after Japan's annual song contest during New Year's Eve.



The game was first revealed during Level-5 Vision 2016 "New Heroes" Live Reaction Stream, showing a promotional video footage and explanation of the game. The game was slated to be released somewhere in March 2017.

On February 13, 2017, Level-5 released a statement that the game got delayed because they wanted to improve the quality of its gameplay.[1]

Details for the game stayed completely silent until it was finally put out on the app store on May 10, 2018, which was over a year from when the game originally had new information.

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