Yo-kai Watch Medal Wars (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ メダルウォーズ Youkai Wotchii Medaru Waazu) is a battle RPG game developed by Level-5 in collaboration with Netmarble Corp. It was announced for iOS and Android devices to release at the end of March 2019. After many delays, it was officially released at 11:00 am, Japan time, on July 30, 2019.

From March 28 to April 4, the game released as a beta run.

Game Information

The game revolves around a legend which claims that anyone who obtains the “オージャメダル” (Ooja Medal), will be receive powers equal to the great Lord Enma. Players will be able to immerse in a brand new story in the Yo-kai Watch universe.

In the new game, players will be able to train different Yo-kai to fight in real-time combat and fully customize their avatar. The game will also have AR features to allow players to collect new Yo-kai through taking images.




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