The manga adaption of Yo-kai Watch by Noriyuki Konishi began in CoroCoro Comic on December 15, 2012. This adaption follows Nate Adams as the main protagonist along with Whisper and Jibanyan fighting & befriending Yo-kai.  

Another manga adaption of called Yo-kai Watch: Exciting Nyanderful Days (妖怪ウォッチ~わくわく☆にゃんだふるデイズ~ Yōkai Wotchi ~Wakuwaku Nyandafuru Deizu~) by Chikako Mori began in Ciao Magazine on December 27, 2013. This manga adaption follows Katie Forester as the main protagonist rather than Nate Adams.


The Yo-kai Watch manga adaptation first appeared in Corocoro Comic on December 15, 2012, before the the very first video game came out in summer 2013 and the animated adaptation in early 2014. Some of the art is slightly different compared to the other pieces of media, such as the watch using an earlier design and some character personality changes. As the games and anime were released, the manga kept the art style but the characters slowly developed over time.

An English-language adaptation was released on November 3, 2015 in North America as a separate volume, while Japan had a lot of volumes released at the time. Like the games and anime, the translations and localisations are different such as Yo-kai like Papa Windbag and Brushido having English text on their design.

The art is illustrated by longtime Japanese manga artist Noriyuki Konishi. He has been drawing manga comics since 1997, and is most notable for doing adaptations of manga like AM Racers and Go-Go-Go Saiyuki: Shin Gokuden.

For the international releases of the main manga series, different companies are responsible for localization. In North America and Europe, VIZ Media (under the publisher name of Perfect Square) is responsible for the English versions of the volumes. In the majority of Europe (most notably the French and German versions), the volumes are published by Kazé (a subsidiary of VIZ Media Europe).

Other Adaptations

Yo-kai Watch Movie Manga Series

In Japan exclusively, there are currently five manga stories; each of the adaptations are based on the Yo-kai Watch movies. Somewhat like the manga, the adaptations are very loosely based and can vary in plot.

Even though Yo-kai Watch: The Movie was already released in North America, it is not clear if there is an official English manga adaptation.

Wakuwaku Nyanderful Days

In the Nyanderful Days manga series, the story focuses on the alternate storyline of Yo-kai Watch, where instead of Nate Adams as the main protagonist, Katie Forester is the main human of the story. The series starts in Volume 1; like the second Yo-kai Watch game, the story begins with Katie seeing a new antique shop, where she meets Jibanyan and Whisper. At first, she got a little scared of the two Yo-kai, but along the way, she soon realizes they are not so evil.

In the second and third volumes of the manga series, it is mainly focused alongside Yo-kai Watch 3's storyline, which can also relate to two Sukiyaki side missions that involves the same kind of plot as the manga series.

Yo-kai Watch Blasters

The spinoff Yo-kai Watch Blasters series got a single volume exclusive to Japan, which is loosely based around the first Yo-kai Watch Blasters game. Although, it is unclear if Yo-kai Watch Busters 2 also got a manga adaptation.


Yo-kai Watch

Volume Jpn. Cover Eng. Cover Release date ISBN (ISBN-10)
1 YWMangaVol1-JP YWMangaVol1 JPJune 28, 2013
NANovember 3, 2015
EUNovember 10, 2015
2 YWMangaVol2-JP YWMangaVol2 JPDecember 27, 2013
NANovember 5, 2015
EUNovember 10, 2015
3 YWMangaVol3-JP YWMangaVol3 JPMarch 25, 2014
NAJanuary 5, 2016
EUJanuary 21, 2016
4 YWMangaVol4-JP YWMangaVol4 JPJuly 25, 2014
NAMarch 1, 2016
EUMarch 29, 2016
5 YWMangaVol5-JP YWMangaVol5 JPOctober 28, 2014
NAMay 3, 2016
EUJune 2, 2016
6 YWMangaVol6-JP YWMangaVol6 JPFebruary 27, 2015
NADecember 20, 2016
EUDecember 20, 2016
7 YWMangaVol7-JP YWMangaVol7 JPJune 26, 2015
NAMarch 7, 2017
EUApril 6, 2017
8 YWMangaVol8-JP YWMangaVol8 JPSeptember 28, 2015
NAJanuary 2, 2018
EUFebruary 8, 2018
9 YWMangaVol9-JP YWMangaVol9 JPFebruary 26, 2016
NAJuly 3, 2018
EUAugust 23, 2018 (English) June 21, 2018 (French)
EU2889218368 (German) 2820329462 (French)
10 YWMangaVol10-JP Yo-Kai Watch Manga Volume 10 JPJune 24, 2016
NAJanuary 8, 2019
EUFeburary 7, 2019 (English Version) May 3, 2018 (German) July 4, 2018 (French)
EU2820332501 (French) 9782889218370 (German)
11 YWMangaVol11-JP Yo-kai Watch Volume 11 English cover JPAugust 5, 2016
NAMay 14, 2019
EUMay 14, 2019 (English, same as NA release) November 1, 2018 (German) October 17, 2018 (French)
EU1421597551 (English) 2889218384 (German) 2820332838 (French)
12 YWMangaVol12-JP JPApril 28, 2017
EUNovember 28, 2018 (French) May 1, 2019 (German)
EU282033511X (French) 2889218392 (German)
13 YWMangaVol13-JP JPSeptember 28, 2017
EUFeburary 20, 2019 (French)
EU2820335276 (French)
14 YWMangaVol14-JP JPNovember 28, 2017
15 YWMangaVol15-JP JPMay 28, 2018

Yo-kai Watch Movies

Movie Jpn. Cover Eng. Cover Release date ISBM
M01 YWMangaMovie1-JP JPDecember 20, 2014
M02 YWMangaMovie2-JP JPDecember 19, 2015
M03 YWMangaMovie3-JP JPDecember 17, 2016
M04 YWMangaMovie4-JP JPDecember 16, 2017
M05 YWMangaMovie5-JP JPDecember 14, 2018

Yo-kai Watch Shadowside

Volume Jpn. Cover Eng. Cover Release date ISBM
1 YWSSMangaVo1-JP JPSeptember 28, 2018

Wakuwaku Nyanderful Days

Volume Jpn. Cover Eng. Cover Release date ISBM
1 YWNyanderfulDays1-JP YWNyanderfulDays1-ES JPDecember 25, 2014
EUAugust 25, 2017
2 YWNyanderfulDays2-JP JPOctober 30, 2015
3 YWNyanderfulDays3-JP JPJuly 22, 2016

International Adaptations


  • Because the manga was released before the first game and the anime series, Noriyuki Konishi's adaption uses slightly earlier designs of the Yo-kai Watch & Medals. Somehow, that would later be kept in all volumes.