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Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチダンス:ジャストダンスジャストダンススペシャルバージョン Yōkai Uotchi Dansu: Jasuto Dansu Supesharu Bājon) is a music game developed by Level-5 and Ubisoft, which is a spin-off of Just Dance series.

It was released for the Wii U on December 5, 2015 in Japan, with two editions. While both of them featured the Sgt. Burly Song Medal, they were available with or without a Wii Remote included.

It uses the engine from Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance Wii U.

Development & Release

The game was revealed in September's CoroCoro Magazine issue, as Level-5 announced that they would collaborate with Ubisoft's Just Dance series. The title of the game was also revealed at that time, as well as that songs from the Yo-kai Watch series that would be included in the game. At that time, there wasn't an official release date.

Later on, Level-5 announced that the game would be released on December 5, 2015. It was also revealed that newer songs like Uchuu Dance and Jinsei Dramatic would be in the game with Hailey Anne, Usapyon and other 'Merican Yo-kai.[2] It also showed off how medals could be read with the Wii U's Gamepad, allowing the player to fill up their Yo-kai Avatar collection easier.

Changes from the original games

  • The Gold Move visual effect is taken from Just Dance 2014, even though the sound is different and the Yo-kai's head can be seen.
  • The Star sound effects are taken Just Dance 2015, though it has been altered.
  • All Avatars are replaced with Yo-kai, and are voiced by their corresponding voice actor or actress.
  • The coaches in the game have a full opaque line around the body unlike a faded opaque in the mainline series. Also, the face shapes are blurred out.
  • This game doesn't have highlighted lyrics.

Song List

The game features a total of ten songs, which are from the first five Japanese opening and ending themes.

Image Song title Time Mode
Geragerapoori cover generic.png
Gera Gera Po Song
Dance Crew
Yokaitaisodaiichi cover generic.png
Yo-kai Exercise No. 1
Geragerapomat cover generic.png
Matsuribayashi De Geragerapo
Geragerapohatsukoi cover generic.png
Hatsukoitoge De Geragerapo
Dandandubizuba cover generic.png
Gerappodancetrain cover generic.png
Gerappo Dance Train
Idolwaunyanyanoken cover generic.png
Idol Wa Ooh-Nya-Nya No Ken
Yokaitaisodaini cover generic.png
Yo-kai Exercise No. 2
Jinseidramatic cover generic.png
Jinsei Dramatic
Uchudance cover generic.png
Space Dance
Dance Crew

Yo-kai Badges

The first badge, which is Jibanyan. The player starts out with it.

Main article: Yo-kai Badges

In this game, players can collect Yo-kai Badges (Japanese: 妖怪バッジ) which take the form of Avatars from the mainline Just Dance games. They can be obtained from getting a certain amount of stars in a song or from the Yo-kai Dance Gacha (Japanese: 妖怪ダンスガチャ).

There are a total of 110 Avatars to collect, which consist of Yo-kai from the Yo-kai Watch video game to Yo-kai Watch Blasters, with some 'Merican Yo-kai from the then-coming Yo-kai Watch 3 like Puppiccino and Cornfused.


Review scores
Publication Score
Famitsu 27 of 40

Famitsu gave the game a 27 out of 40, with each of the reviewers individually giving it a 7.


  • Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version is the first ever collaborative game to be released. The second would be Yo-kai Sangokushi.
  • This is the first Yo-kai Watch game to be released on a console platform, and the only game to be released for the Wii U.
  • This the first Yo-kai Watch game to be outsourced, as it was developed in Europe. The second would later be Yo-kai Watch Busters 2.
  • This game has only ten songs, making it the least amount in the entire Just Dance franchise. The second would be Just Dance: Summer Party (or known as Just Dance 2: Extra Songs in Europe).
  • This is the second of the two Japanese Just Dance games to be released on the Wii U.



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The teaser image used in prerelease material.
Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version Japanese logo.
Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version Japanese box art.

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