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Yo-kai Watch Inspirit Card Battle (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチとりつきカードバトル Yōkai Wotchi Toritsuki Kādobatoru) is a 2-player card game based on the Yo-kai Watch series by Level-5. The card game is a product by Data Carddass and Bandai.

How to play

The player have to make a deck of 30 cards or more of two types of cards: Yo-kai Cards and Event Cards. Each player can only have up to 3 of the same cards in their decks.

The player will win the match if their opponent takes 6 damage or if they use up their entire deck. Inspirit to turn the tables and achieve victory.

Yo-kai Cards

Yo-kai Cards are cards that contains Yo-kai from the franchise. The Yo-kai Cards can attack with tenchiques, soultimate moves or they can block.

Summon cost
Yo-kai power needed to summon the Yo-kai.
Battle method
The Yo-kai power used in battle, and BP.
Inspirit Effect
Effect active when Inspiriting other Yo-kai.
Skill Effect
Effect active while the Yo-kai is summoned.

Event Cards


YW Inspirited Card Battle logo
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