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The Yo-kai Watch Shadowside (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ シャドウサイド Yōkai Wotchi Shadōsaido) anime was an animated Japanese horror-action-comedy series, and serves as the successor of the original Yo-kai Watch animated series. It premiered on April 13, 2018, two weeks after the finale of the original anime, and ended on March 29, 2019, lasting 49 episodes in its only season. It was succeeded with Yo-kai Watch!, one week after Shadowside ended.

The series was set after the events of M04 (which in turn, is set thirty years after the original series), and includes new characters like Summer and Tate, the children of Nathan Adams & Katie Forester.


The Yo-kai Watch Shadowside anime is set thirty years after the original anime series, and takes place shortly after the events of The Return of the Oni King. The series focuses on the main characters of the movie, who are known as Summer, Touma and Akinori, who solve mysterious Yo-kai related incidents together.

In addition to them, Summer's younger brother, Tate, who only played a minor role in the movie, joins the main cast of the series, being it's fourth major protagonist. He resembles young Nate.

Compared to the original series, Shadowside is a lot more plot-driven and serious in tone, while it still retains the sense of humor, and aims to cause widespread appeal across all age groups. The episodes are also all singular 22-minute episodes, compared to having one-to-four segments in the episode runtime.

International Adaptations

Korean Dub

The series' Korean dub began running on Tooniverse on April 23, 2019, with a TV airing of M04 the week before on April 16, and finished on November 26, 2019. Like the original series' dub, obscene content & scenes as well as certain depictions of Japanese culture are removed, however they aren't as strict as the series is now rated for an older audience (the original being rated 7, while this series is rated 12).

For example, SS004 is cut due to the inappropriate appearance of Zundoumaru's Lightside design, and scenes with him in later episodes such as SS010 are cut as well. (However, he is still present in an unedited form in the dubbed version of Oyasumi Sanka.)

Official English Sub

It was announced in Fall 2018 that Animax Asia had picked up the rights to the Shadowside series, alongside later episodes of the original anime. Following the run of the episodes EP170-214 from April to June, Shadowside premiered on the network on June 26, 2019.

Both the original series' episodes and Shadowside are aired in their original Japanese format, with subtitles in English as well as several other languages, and the original names of the characters are kept intact in the process.

Animax Taiwan additionally airs the series with a Mandarin dub.


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  • This is currently the only Yo-kai Watch series to take place in the future.
  • Unlike the original series, Whisper does not appear in nearly every episode and Jibanyan does not appear as often, either.
  • Unlike the original series, Yo-kai are revealed to be common knowledge amongst people who are not affiliated with Yo-kai and or owners of any sort of Yo-kai Watch.
    • Unlike the original series, Yo-kai are also revealed to be able to be seen by humans without the help of any Yo-kai-themed tools when they feel like doing so, as shown in SS006.
  • The Yo-kai Watch Arcane is the first Watch to be able to be worn by someone other than its chosen user.
    • In this case, both the Adams siblings are chosen by the Watch to be its owners.
  • This is the first series wherein people other than holders of a Yo-kai Watch are given their symbols of friendship (Keystones).
  • The series starts its own Trivia Segment in SS006 onwards, akin to the same one the original series has.
  • Compared to the original series, this series uses the aid of CGI animation more.
  • The existence of Shadowside Jibanyan retcons Robonyan/Robonyan F's existence. Since, according to Robonyan's debut episode in the original series, he was an enhanced version of the Jibanyan from the original series hailing from the future. Whereas Shadowside Jibanyan is also Jibanyan from the future, but it would not make any sense if he were to be the Jibanyan that came before Robonyan, because then, Robonyan would have taken the form of Shadowside Jibanyan instead.
  • Similar to her father back in the original series, Summer also calls on Jibanyan the most.
  • Of all the Shadowside Yo-kai, Whisper is the only one whose personality did not drastically change from the one in the original series.
  • Similar to the original series, the voice actors for the main trio (Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan) still work together in this series in order to do the voicework for Tate, Shadowside Whisper and Junior, respectively.
  • Unlike the original series, this one does not have separate segments per episode. Instead, each episode has one ongoing story.
  • This series has the second shortest amount of episodes, ending with just a total of 49. With the first being Yo-kai Watch!, which only has 36.
  • Almost all the members of the Yo-kai Detective Agency are reincarnations of an important ancient Yo-kai/descendants of someone who was once affiliated with an important Yo-kai.
    • The only exception being Tate.
  • The series takes place after the fourth movie whereas the fifth movie takes place 80 years prior to this series' events.

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