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The Yo-kai Watch Trading Card Game (TCG for short) is a line of cards produced by Hasbro in the United States. It had 2 40-card starting decks, as well as a single series of booster packs. The cards feature unique art drawn by Jon Reinfurt.


How To Play

Yo-Kai Watch - 'How to Play' Official Video

Yo-Kai Watch - 'How to Play' Official Video

Yokai Watch Trading Card Boxes

Collector's Box(Kyubi) exclusive medal
Kyubi (TCG Var.)
  • Store Yo-kai Watch cards and medals.
  • Includes exclusive Kyubi Yo-kai medal and 4 ten-card booster packs.
  • Each "Booster Pack" includes 6 community cards, 3 special cards, and 1 foil card.
  • Collect them all (additional cards sold separately).
  • Includes box, 4 ten card "Booster Packs", 1 Kyubi Yo-kai medal.



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