Yo-kai Watch Wiki
Language English
Status Active
Creation January 18, 2013
Run 2013 - present
Founder KidProdigy
Articles 2,150
Edits 205,522
Mediawiki 1.19.24

Yo-kai Watch Wiki is a mediawiki-based website with a mission to become the definitive wiki-based Yo-kai Watch source. It was founded on January 18, 2013 by KidProdigy when the first game was about to be released in Japan.

The wiki grew massivly since it was founded with over 2,150 articles and still counting, with different articles and dedicated contributors that are striving for the best of the franchise.


The wiki is founded since January 18, 2013 by KidProdigy after its official announcement by Level-5 about the franchise. After reaching five articles in the same month, the wiki went on a long break due that the games were about to be released and as well that the games were released only in Japan for three long years. However, many different users registered on this wiki and started editing and creating article pages after the debut of the series in Japan.

The wiki was at first striving to be independent due to the wikia layout and a poll was placed at the main page. However, that idea was scrapped, but in July 2015, a request was made to move the Yo-kai Watch Wiki from Wikia to Gamepedia. During an agreement, it came to known about the adds placement on the articles. Although the Gamepedia version of the Yo-kai Watch Wiki was already established, there was a poll in the forums for contributors who would like to contribute to the Gamepedia version of Yo-kai Watch Wiki. Several contributors voted for yes and only three users for no, but however, not many contributors contributed to the Gamepedia version of the Yo-kai Watch Wiki.


Here is a list of the Yo-kai Watch Wiki staff:

Current staffs

Username Position
KidProdigy Administrator, Bureaucrat
Joker-Man Administrator
KurobinaYuki Administrator
Username Position
JibanyanYW Content Moderator


Our current mission on Yo-kai Watch Wiki is to become the best possible source of the Yo-kai Watch franchise. We are trying to gather every information that is possible to become a complete Yo-kai Watch encyclopedia. We are always looking for dedicated wikians that can help us out with gathering information and helping us out with the hardest possibilities that the wiki currently suffers.

We are extremely against contributors that using this wiki as their joking spot, in other words, vandalism. We are strongly against contributors that are only coming here to vandalise and causing problems ruining the wikians hard and dedicated work at this wiki. We do also not dislike contributors with a hard-boiled attitude. We are equals and we do need to respect each other in any possible means. Wikia is a free encyclopedia, and not a real full- or part-time job.


  • Yo-kai Watch Wiki has a current partnership with the independent, Yo-kai Watch Fans website. This website contains a forum and a wiki with the same goal as the Yo-kai Watch Wiki.


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Yo-kai Watch Wiki, Wikia spotlight. Celebrating the release in North America.

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