The Yo-kai World (Japanese: 妖魔界 Yōmakai) is the home dimension to all Yo-kai.



According to Whisper, it is a realm parallel to and distinct from the human realm, although some Yo-kai leave it behind to cause trouble in the human world. It has been ruled by the Enma Clan for generations.

According to Duke Doggy, the Yo-kai World is split up into multiple smaller areas, some of which reject the Enma Clan as their rulers and act on their own.

The part of the Yo-kai World that is connected to Springdale specifically is also the final stage in the first game.

In the games


The part of the Yo-kai World that corresponds to Springdale in the human world was taken over by McKraken after the passing of Ancient Enma, while Lucas was hidden for his own protection. After McKraken's plans to overwhelm the human world were ultimately foiled by the player character, McKraken sent all of his forces to invade the human realm, only to encounter stiff resistance from the Yo-kai already aligned with the humans. Whisper suggested sealing all entrances to and from the Yo-kai World, including the Yo-kai Elevator. However, this forces all Yo-kai, both good and bad, to return to their home dimension until the crisis was solved.

Lord Enma did not learn of this incident until after it was solved, but he became interested in Springdale and its Yo-kai's way of life as a result.

Yo-kai Watch anime

In EP027, Steve Jaws unveiled the new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero which resulted in a big sale in "Yo-kai-lifornia" that Nate and most of the Yo-kai up to that episode took part in. Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan were able to obtain a copy of the Model Zero despite the interference caused by K'mon-K'mon.

Parts of The Yo-kai World


  • The only game where the final boss is not fought somewhere in the Yo-kai World is Yo-kai Watch 2.

In other languages

  • Italian: Yo-kai World (game) Mondo degli Yo-kai (anime)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Yo-kai World (game) Mundo dos Yo-kais (anime)
  • French: Yo–kai World (game)
  • German: Yo–kai World (game)
  • Spanish: Yo–kai World (game)
  • Russian: Мир Йо–каев Mir Yo-kaev
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