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Not to be confused with the location of the same name.

Yopple Inc. (Japanese: ヨップル社 Yoppuru-sha) is a electronics company based in the Yo-kai World, appearing in the Yo-kai Watch franchise. Steve Jaws is to be the founder and CEO, alongside Mark Orckerberg.

They are notably known for manufacturing products for Yo-kai, and to an extent, humans. Most of them are models of the Yo-kai Watch item, which are mass-produced inside their headquarters. Several other products exist, such as the Yo-kai Pad.



Very little is known when Yopple Inc. came into existence, but it was founded by Steve Jaws. They initially created products such as the Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Pad, which were initially brought by Whisper before the events of the Yo-kai Watch video game before he was sealed in a capsule at the Crank-a-kai for 190 years.

The first mention of the company was in Yo-kai Watch 3, where they announced that Steve Jaws was replaced by Mark Orckerberg.

Known Products

  • Yo-kai Watch models
    • Yo-kai Watch (Nathan Adams variant)
    • Yo-kai Watch (Katie Forester variant)
    • Yo-kai Watch Model Zero (Reprint)
    • Yo-kai Watch Model U (Limited release)
      • Yo-kai Watch Model U1 Upgrade
      • Yo-kai Watch Model U2 Upgrade
      • Yo-kai Watch Model U3 Upgrade
      • Yo-kai Watch Model U4 Upgrade
      • Yo-kai Watch Model U5 Upgrade
      • Yo-kai Watch Model U6 Upgrade
    • Yo-kai Watch Dream (Once a rejected idea, now mass-produced)
      • Treasure Yo-kai Watch

In the anime

Yopple was first mentioned in The New Yo-kai Watch, where Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan watch a presentation on the unveiling of the mass-produced Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, presented by Steve Jaws.


  • Yopple, Inc. is a parody of Apple, Inc, with the founder being a parody of Steve Jobs, and the way new Yo-kai Watch models are introduced are in the same vein how Apple announces their products. Their logo of a multi-colored wisp icon is also a parody of the iconic apple logo.
    • In the story of Yo-kai Watch 3, Steve Jaws' hiding and return to Yopple Inc after being banished may be a reference to how Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997.