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Yubari Melonnyan (Japanese: 夕張メロンニャン Yūbari Meron'nyan), is a Onechanside Yo-kai of the Uwanosora Tribe. His Lightside form is Melonyan.



Yubari Melonyan shares many features with Melonyan, seeing as he's his Onechanside. However, there's one key feature that distinguishes him from Melonyan, which is the tag on his head. On his Miracle Yo-kai Ark, it shows him in a box.


Yubari Melonyan is based off the Yubari King fruit, an extremely-expensive cultivar of the cantaloupe, as a hybrid fruit grown in Yubari, in the Hokkaido region of Japan. Because of the quality and the value of the fruit (being that the melon has to be perfectly round and have a perfectly smooth rind), it is sought after as extremely precious. In Japan alone, the highest recorded price was in 2019; a pair of the melons were sold at an auction for ¥5 million.


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